{VIDS} You Are My Oppa Episode 8

Part 1

+2 under cut

Part 2

Part 3

CREDITS: nolimitsubs @ Youtube (Videos) ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits


3 Comments on “{VIDS} You Are My Oppa Episode 8”

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    OMG its so heartbreaking seeing, sungyeol cry!!! now i’m crying because of all of them including Jiae!!! <333 Infinite please be strong saranghaeyo!!! <222

    • _sungjonglove says:

      OMG!!! i can’t watch it anymore, i’m still crying!!! :'( my bad the heart thing!!! <333**

      • _sungjonglove says:

        i cant stop crying!!! why did you do this to me, Infinite!! sungyeol made me cry the most, and when Jiae was talking on the video, sungjong’s crying face made me cry even more!!! arrghhhh…i wish i has oppas like Infinite, but didnt tablo say, that the number of oppas they have to be are going up since of fangirls/boys etc. so they are my oppas too!! that would mean that all the members of Infinite would cry if fans as close a Jiae. ^^ OHMYGOSH, thats even more crying for me!!! im really stunned, that she left Infinite like that, but it’s the best for them!!! i can’t stop crying!!! :'( sungyeol, sungjong, dongwoo & L please, i don’t want to see you cry that badly next time, cause i think i’ll be needing a bucket to collect ALL of my tears!!! lols saranghaeyo Infinite <3333

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