Happy 100th to Infinite!

100 days of loving Infinite. 9/16 marks the 100th day since Infinite’s debut!

Happy 100th day to the boys whom we cherish and love ♥


Sunggyu ∞ Dongwoo ∞ Woohyun ∞ Hoya ∞ Sungyeol ∞ L ∞ Sungjong ∞

사랑해 ♥ Ich liebe dich ♥ 我爱你 ♥ Ti Amo ♥ Je T’aime ♥ Te Amo ♥ Te quiero ♥ Kocham Cię ♥ Te Iubesc ♥ Miluji Tě ♥ Σ’αγαπώ ♥ Sizi Seviyorum ♥ Eu amo te ♥ 愛してるよ。♥ أعشقك ♥ Mahal Kita ♥ (I) Love you ♥

(Most of the translations above were found with WordReference. If you would like to fix it or add another one, by all means, leave a comment :D)

– Endless Limits Staff

7 Comments on “Happy 100th to Infinite!”

  1. misa says:

    I marked my calendar for their 100th day, so here I am back from the dead! Happy 100th Day, Infinite!!! Mahal kita means I love you in Filipino/Tagalog :D

  2. Yipii123 says:

    I would like to suggest to add:
    – Ich liebe dich! (German)
    – Te quiero! (Spanish)
    – Eu amo te (Portuguese)

    And thank you very much for running this amazing blog !!

  3. _sungjonglove says:

    HAPPY 100TH INFINITE!!!! _<

    • _sungjonglove says:

      OMG this comment thingy isn’t saving my whole comments!!! It made typos instead of my whole comment!!! ==” gahhh…I’ll just have to comment again!!! Okay, here is goes…HAPPY 100TH INFINITE!!! <333 I will be with you for 1000000 days!!!! [referring to woohyunnie's tweet] hehe ^^ Together we'll support each other and of course love each other!!! <3333 I can't wait for your fan name release!!! I want you to come back again, but there was a tweet that you will come back soon!!! ^^ i saw a picture of you practicing real hard!!! Stay safe and healthy!!! <333 I can't wait to see you again!!! <333 Saranghaeyo <3 "in this world, let me only love you…Infinite" <3 xoxoxoxoxo

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