{NEWS} 100924 Infinite’s Sungjong, Slim Body That Fits Perfectly With After School Nana’s Clothes

Infinite member, Sungjong, showed a body that’s just as skinny as a female’s.

On MBC’s Chuseok Special <2010 Star Dance Battle>, that aired on the 23rd, Sungjong did a Orange Caramel parody with U-Kiss member, Dongho, and ZE:A (Children of Empire) member, Dongjoon.

Sungjong received interest for coming onto stage, wearing the real stage outfit of Orange Caramel member, Nana. With his slender shoulders and arms, slender waist, Sungjong showed his slim body with no regret and made the guests all admire him.

They received a lot of attention for Dongjun’s cross-dressing looking like Han Gain and Sungjong looking like Song Hyegyo. Dongho, Sungjong, and Dongjun, who cross-dressed, received praise for saying they looked prettier than Jang Youngran, who was also a guest on this day.

Chaeyeon said, “If you look at Sungjong and Dongho from the back, they look like girls. Turn around,” and kept admiring them. Kim Saerom said, “I want to change bodies (with them),” and showed her jealousy for their slender female-like bodies.

On the other hand, Kim Shinyoung gave a large laugh to viewers with “Bab Girl, Gook Girl (Rice Girl, Soup Girl)”, which was a parody of Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl”.

CREDITS: Max Movie; Nate; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits (Translations)


3 Comments on “{NEWS} 100924 Infinite’s Sungjong, Slim Body That Fits Perfectly With After School Nana’s Clothes”

  1. maiia says:

    MILK CARAMEL was DIVA that night!!
    go sungjong!!

  2. _sungjonglove says:

    True, I love Sungjong’s body!!! But I hate how all of my friends and other people call him a girl!!! TT______TT” I really adore him, but I love him the way he is the most!!! <333 I hope people could stop those comments towards him!!! Only because I started crying all night because someone called him gay…I won't takes those kinds of comments to my heart anymore!!! I can assure that Sungjong!!! <333 thanks again <333

    • Natalie Ma says:

      It’s fine!my friends say that too!I really hate it,but it’s fine!We don’t need THEIR love for Sungjong,OUR love for sungjong is enough! :)

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