{NEWS} 100927 Idol Version of “Live Togther, Enjoy Together”, “Oh.Bam.Ah” First Airing on the 30th

An idol version of MBC variety program “Live Together, Enjoy Together” is coming out.

MBC Every1’s “Oh.Bam.Ah”, which is going to air it’s first episode on the 30th, is a program that guest junior idols will learn variety skills from senior idols, that are currently active on variety shows, through quizzes and talks.

“Oh.Bam.Ah” is a 2010 version of “Live Together, Enjoy Together” and it will allow idols, who are new to variety shows, to grow as entertainer-dols through the senior idols’ severe teachings.

The fixed MC’s are senior idols, Kim Changryul, Eun Jiwon, Kim Hyungjoon, Hwangbo and the first episode guests are junior idols, Infinite.

CREDITS: Max Movie ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits

Oh.Bam.Ah = Children of the Night 오밤중의 아이들


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