{INFO} 100929 Infinite’s Official Fanclub Name Contest!

Hello. It’s Woolim Ent.

For all you Infinite fans, we will have an amazing official fanclub name contest.

[Time Period] From 2010/9/29 (Wed.) ~ 10/17 (Sun.)

[Entry Method] Go to the notice board on Infinite’s official fancafe and post your entry on the <Official Fanclub Name Contest> board

[Official Fancafe URL] http://cafe.daum.net/infinite7

The fanclub name is something to symbolize the group Infinite and the fans that support Infinite.

Please create a name that you would like as a fanclub name and the reason why.

The fanclub names entries will be picked through a voting process.

Infinite member’s will also participate in the voting so please refer to the benefit too.

The person who’s official fanclub name is picked, will be given a small gift as a memento, so please give it a lot of interest and participation.

CREDITS: Woollim Ent’s Official Homepage ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits (Translations)

So excited to find out what entry will win!


One Comment on “{INFO} 100929 Infinite’s Official Fanclub Name Contest!”

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    I dot have daum!!! TT___TT” but I wonder what’s the fan name!!! ^_^ I like Infiniters >_< I hope someone puts this name!! ^_^

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