{MISC} Fan account of Singapore Korean Pop Night Concert 2010

Note: This fan account is biased towards Infinite and Big Bang!

Line-up for the concert:
1. FT Island – Bing Bing Bing
2. FT Island – I Hope
3. FT Island – Love Love Love
4. FT Island – Flower Rock
5. The Boss – Dazzling World
6. The Boss – Stumble Stumble
7. The Boss – Admiring Boy
8. ZE:A – Mazeltov
9. ZE:A – All Day Long
10. ZE:A – Level Up
11. Infinite – Come Back Again
12. Infinite – Wings
13. Infinite – She’s Back
14. SHINee – Replay
15. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
16. SHINee – Lucifer
17. SHINee – Hello
18. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish
19. SNSD – Oh!
20. SNSD – Run Devil Run
21. SNSD – Gee
22. Big Bang – Gara Gara GO!!
23. Big Bang – Number 1
24. Big Bang – Haru Haru (Acoustic)
25. Big Bang – Lies
26. Big Bang – Last Farewell
27. Big Bang – How Gee
28. Big Bang – Hands Up

The concert was a blast! There were a few bad points, though with Infinite, SHINee and Big Bang there, who minded? I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, they didn’t allow professional cameras in (although I’m pretty sure there were many who broke the rule), so I had to take pictures with my phone. Most of the pictures were from the screen, because I had a restricted view from where I was sitting (can’t complain, the ticket did warn me), but it was awesome because 1) we were all the way up front, it’s just that we were at the corner, and 2) when they wave to you, you know it’s you they are waving to because there’s no one else beside you!

Note: Pictures are best viewed small because the pixels are distorted when the pictures are enlarged.

I arrived at the venue at around 6.30pm, and there were already hundreds of people queuing. I got in at 7.15pm. While the hall was filling up, they played videos on the screens, mostly advertising Korea. The first video was Super Junior’s Angel MV, and the fans were all screaming as the video was played, especially when Big Bang appeared.


They also showed the trailer for 71: Into the Fire, and as you guessed, it brought more screaming for T.O.P~

The excitement mounted as the lights were switched off and the key organisers came out for speeches. A lot of people stood up or went to the barricade around the standing pit, effectively blocking me and everyone else at the back. Fortunately, the security came by before the performances began, and got everyone back to their seats.


FT Island was the opening group. I’m not very well-acquainted with them, but at least I knew the songs I Hope and Love Love Love.


I’ve never listened to songs from the Boss and ZE:A before, so obviously, I don’t know them well. But because of that, I have quite a lot of pictures of them off the screen. ZE:A had good choreography, maybe I’ll go YouTube them and the Boss after this ;D


And then, INFINITE!! By this time some people had already gone up to the barricade (again), and this time I joined them. L looked at me once! =D They performed their Intro first, followed by Come Back Again, Wings, and She’s Back. I was surprised that they performed Wings, even though the emcees had earlier announced that they would be performing 3 songs (I thought they included the Intro).

There were people singing the chorus to Come Back Again, but not many people knew Wings and She’s Back. Sungjong did a heart in my direction at the end of She’s Back ^^ I think they were a little nervous, being their first time performing overseas and in front of so many foreign fans, because there were some parts that one or two of them were slower than the rest in the dance. Fortunately, those were only minor mistakes, not very obvious =) Sungjong, Sungyeol, L and Woohyun kept smiling, and Hoya did too while he was rapping. It seemed like Sunggyu was quite tense. Dongwoo was standing on the other side of the stage so I didn’t get to see him much. =(

There wasn’t a full fancam of She’s Back, so I’m putting this up instead.


There aren’t many pictures of Infinite because I was busy screaming for them during their performances =X

Next up is SHINee, without Jonghyun as he had injured his ankle prior to the concert.

The beginning of the Ring Ding Dong performance was a bit messy, probably because it was Jonghyun’s parts and the other members had to take over.

During their interview, I looked behind me and was shocked to see practically everyone standing on the chairs to get a better view O_O Well, I’d rather be at the front!


I have very little pictures of SHINee as well because I was singing and cheering along for their performances. SHINee isn’t one of my bias groups, but I know them and their songs, so yeah ^^And also because my phone was running out of energy and I wanted to save it for Big Bang! =D

SNSD performed next. I gotta give it to the SNSD fans, they were the most united since during SNSD’s performance, I could at least hear the fanchants (I couldn’t really hear the fanchants for the other groups). But that was probably because they bought tickets as fanclubs and were sitting together, hence they wouldn’t feel stupid shouting the fanchants ;D

Sea of pink~


And last but not least, BIG BANG! The cameraman was biased and kept focusing on Taeyang, so I got more shots of him than the other members =X Big Bang performed 7 songs, they must be tired…after the first 6 songs, the lights were off for quite a long time, and I suppose many of the fans thought they were done performing and kept shouting encore. Not sure if they originally intended to perform 7, or if Hands Up was an encore song. Not that I’m complaining though! =)


Since Big Bang performed 7 songs, there were more opportunities to take pictures of them =D

Finally, all the groups returned to stage for the finale. This was when Sungyeol pointed and waved to me! =DD All the other members were waving and bowing, and Sungjong kept doing hearts ^^

I have a fancam of them going off stage, and it was mostly focused on Infinite, but as I’ve said before, the quality of the camera in my phone isn’t very good, and you can’t make out the groups. You can see them waving though. I’ll put it up here anyway.

Now for the bad points ><

First of all was the sound system. For a number of songs, the background music was so loud that it completely blocked out the singing. Also, during FT Island’s performances, the sound system was really bad and there were a lot of screeching (I don’t know the correct term for that, haha).

Second, Jonghyun wasn’t here =( There were many rumours that he came to Singapore after all, so as you can guess, many fans’ hopes were dashed when he didn’t appear on stage. It seems like he did come, but didn’t perform. There were a few slip-ups, mostly during the start of the Ring Ding Dong performance when Onew was covering for Jonghyun. He looked like he felt pretty bad over the mistake during the interview in between the Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer performances. I’m not blaming him for it, in fact, I feel bad for him too. SHINee just isn’t the same without Jonghyun ._.

Third, no fanchants =( I think it was mostly because the fans were all scattered throughout. We should buy tickets as fanclubs next time.

Fourth is a personal complaint. One thing I’ve found out, you can’t really get into the concert mood if you are sitting down. I didn’t really start waving my lightstick and screaming till I’ve stood up and went to the barricade. At first, I thought it was because no one else around me was screaming along with me, but I realised it was just because I looked stupid screaming and waving my lightstick while sitting down. Yes, I was jumping as well when I was standing ;D

Well, I enjoyed this concert despite the bad points. If there is another concert next year, I’m definitely going to get better seats and a better camera!

– Rubyfur

CREDITS: gaietyparodyunlisted, sayursai @ YouTube (Videos)


One Comment on “{MISC} Fan account of Singapore Korean Pop Night Concert 2010”

  1. OMG You’re so luckkyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! *_____________________*
    Dang, I hope Infinite gets to perform to other countries as well, I would practically scream and leap out of my seat if Sungyeol pointed towards my direction.
    Thanks for the fan account! :D

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