{NEWS} 101204 L’s day-to-day picture garner attention on the net

Group Infinite member L’s paparazzi picture is becoming a hot topic.

Recently, in various online forums, Infinite’s L’s day-to-day appearances, held in pictures, are cropping up on the internet, garnering attention.

In the picture, L showed his sophisticated fashion sense with his warmer that he wrapped around himself apparently uncaringly, and showed off his pictorial-worthy hotness even between normal passerbys. Fans are concentrating on this new fresh yet humble teen-like self especially because so far, he mostly showed a cutting group dance as well as a masculine stage outfit in programs.

Netizens who saw the photo showed feverish reactions such as, “He’s hot enough to be a fashion model”, “Average clothing becomes pictorial-worthy if L wears it”, and “He is truthfully a crazy aura idol”.

On the other hand, Infinite is readying their second single album.

CREDITS: SPN Daily (Source); DevilHalo @ NLi (Translations)

Omo, is the last line a hint? xD


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