{NEWS} 101210 L is the new Cold City Boy Terminator

Group Infinite’s L changed into ‘Cold City Boy’, unsettling the womens’ hearts.

Through the internet on the 10th, Infinite L revealed pictures of him looking dandy and chic creating much interest.

In the picture, L is wearing black clothing giving him a heavy and stiff feeling, but each outfit brought out the specific points of his charms.

The black jacket especially could have looked dull, but he expressed them in sophisticated ways with the Chinese style jacket, leather jacket, and a suit with a white handkerchief. Even inside the black jackets, he wore different shirts that framed his charms giving him the nickname ‘Cold City Boy Terminator’.

The fans that saw L’s pictures reacted with “This is no doubt L. From head to toe, he’s full of charms”, “Handsome face and his fashion sense there’s nothing to criticize”, “There’s no more cold city boy. He’s the cold city boy terminator”.

On the other hand, Infinite is a 7 member idol group who received lots of love with “Come Back Again”, abd “She’s Back” and are currently preparing for their second mini album.

CREDITS: Osen (Source); glfishyy @ NLi (Translations)

Yet another hint~


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