{NEWS} 101230 INFINITE’s Woohyun injured his back during ‘BTD’ MV shoot

It was recently reported that INFINITE’s Woohyun injured his hip while filming for the group’s ‘BTD‘ music video.

INFINITE’s agency stated, “Woohyung’s hip injury was re-inflamed during a recent music video shoot, and he was eventually taken to the emergency room.”

For the past two months, Woohyun has been attending action school to learn both basic and intermediate technical movements. During filming, however, Woohyun sustained a hip injury that was determined to take four weeks for a full recovery.

Woohyun had been taking painkillers in order to practice for both his group’s comeback and for the “MBC 2010 Music Festival“; eventually, however, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“The filming of the ‘BTD’ music video was shot on the 23rd, the coldest day of winter, but Woohyun and L’s fighting spirit was so great to the point where some staff members showed tears of sympathy. Thanks to them, the members’ determination increased and we think the quality of the music video turned out better than their existing music videos. We will work hard to maintain a good condition for their comeback. We apologize for making the fans worry,” said the agency.

INFINITE are scheduled to make their comeback on January 6th 2011.

CREDITS: Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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