{NEWS} 110113 Infinite’s Comeback- Scorpion dance a hit!

The 7 member male group Infinite transformed from young boys to men.

On the 13th, Infinite attended the Mnet’s live music program ‘MCountdown’ (also MCD) and revealed their title song, BTD’ and the song ‘Hysterie’ from their mini album, Evolution.

On this day, the Infinite members displayed the drastic change of hair and powerful stage, leading to a more sophisticated atmosphere. In addition, different from their 1st album, they succesfully changed their young boy image to a manly image with their powerful vocals and choreography.

Among this, the scorpion dance that Infinite practiced intensely was perfected. On this day, Infinite did not show any flaws and displayed their immense size and movements, giving them the image of hard working idols.

This album’s title song ‘BTD’ is an acronym for ‘Before the Dawn’ and was created by Han Jae Ho- Kim Seung Soo, the duo that created KARA’s ‘Mister’, ‘Pretty Girl’ and Rainbow’s ‘A’.

Also, they mixed the sound of accoustic instruments and electric instruments showing off their hidden talents and dramatic feel, catching the women’s hearts.

Other than Infinite’s album title song ‘BTD’, ‘Intro’ and the sentimental pop dance ‘Can U Smile’, the strong rhthms in ‘Hysterie’, the authentic ballad ‘Voice of my Heart’ created by MC the Max’s J Yoon, the last track ‘I don’t Know’are included in the album.

CREDITS: Asiae (Source); glfishyy @ NLi


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