{NEWS} 110116 INFINITE talks about their album preparations, dreams, and dorm life

After making a comeback with their second mini-album, “Before the Dawn,” the seven members of INFINITE sat before Sports Today reporters and declared, “We’ve returned as men!”

Sungkyu began, “Our album concept this time is ‘noir,’ and all of us endured strict diets in order to pull it off. We had to cut out our favorite snacks with tears. It took about three months of preparations for the album, although a portion of it were tracks we had already recorded prior to our debut.

He continued, “Our rappers, Hoya and Dongwoo, also participated in the rap composition themselves. They suffered more than any of the other members because they’d stay up all night to complete it. Epik High’s Mithra-hyung usually helps us, but he’s in the army right now, so it was our first time trying it alone.  It must’ve been hard for them, but as the leader, I’m extremely proud of my two dongsengs for having successfully completed the task.”

Woohyun added, “We practiced our vocals a lot for this album as well.  Our producer praised us, saying that it took a lot less time for us to record a song than before. The more time’s passed by, the more we improved, and the more praises we earned.

When their famous ‘Scorpion dance’ came up, the members replied, “It took all of us about a month to master the ’scorpion dance’.  It was originally a move that only Hoya was able to do, so the rest of us had to learn it from scratch. We went through a lot of trial and error, and we got a lot of injuries since it’s not a dance that could only be done alone. It requires us to synchronize with the other members and deliver that feel. At first, we rehearsed with knee pads, but now that we don’t, our knees have started to become skinned. Because of the dance, we had to send a few members to the orthopaedics’ (laughter).”

Hoya, who’s in charge of the choreography, expressed, “At the time of our ‘Come Back‘ promotions, we kept the choreography simple and one-dimensional.  For our comeback album, we focused on the details and the overall feel of the dance, and put in a lot more complex moves.”

The other members confirmed, “We really are confident with our choreography.

The interview then moved onto their personal lives, and the members mentioned that they live in a dorm with only one bathroom.

Woohyun revealed, “A while ago, our agency CEO said that he’d move us if we got our song into the ‘Top 10′.  The dorm we’re living in right now only has one bathroom, so it’s very limiting for us, haha.

The members began expressing that they’d like a dorm with at least two bathrooms that had a proper water system, along with a microwave.  Sungkyu continued, “Unlike other groups, we don’t have a lady who helps us clean so we have to divide the chores amongst ourselves.

When asked about their future, they revealed, “Our future activities – such as unit promotions, overseas advancements, and next album preparations – are all dependent on the success or failure of this album.

Sungkyu added, “It’s an album made from blood and sweat, so I hope it achieves great things.  I hope our Japanese advancement is also successful as well.”

Sungjong concluded with a smile, “I’d like for us to win #1 on a pubic broadcast music program at least once.

CREDITS: Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

I think Dongwoo and Hoya did really well for composing the rap =) Let’s hope that Sungjong’s wish comes true!


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