{INTERVIEW} 110125 Infinite plants their scorpion ‘poison’

Choreography that does not allow for the smallest errors catches our attention. The 7 members move as if they are all one body. Rookie group Infinite debuted last year and now have come back with their intimidating charisma. Different from their debut song ‘Come Back Again’ and ‘She’s Back’, ‘BTD’ (Before the dawn) revealed their sharp ‘scorpion dance’ and showed their readiness to swallow the kpop industry. We met with the 7 members who returned as men.

“Everyone said we became more manly. The song itself reveals determined goals of “I will get you before the dawn”. Our attempts to express the meaning of the song probably made us seem more manly. We exercised a lot to make this image. We lost an average of 3~4 kg. Did our jawline become sharper? (laugh)” (Sunggyu)

“We lost weight to match our album’s powerful concept. Before, the young image was more prominent. My nickname was ‘Elementary kid Sungyeol’…, I lost weight to give a more sharper feel, but I don’t know if others viewed it that way” (Sungyeol)

“We recorded the title song with the belief that it should have a darker feel. We tried to develop the charms of tough guys in our everyday life. We tried to change our gazes first. Did it work?” (L)

“Like L said, we tried to give a darker feel, so in our everyday life we attempted to maintain this atmosphere and bring out our emotions. I heard that our vocals became more sophisticated since our 1st album. I felt really good when our CEO praised us highly when he usually never does.” (Woohyun)

They chose songs that included the manly charms. “We put in a lot of songs to give off a manly feel unlike our first mini album. Looking at the lyrics of our songs, you will be able to see a lot of our sad yet powerful expressions.” (Sungjong)

To give the title song a more powerful feeling, Infinite designed a ‘discipline dance’ that consists of folding their fingers at the same time. Hoya who was directly involved in creating the BTD choreography said “we put the point in the dance when all 7 members folded their fingers at the same time and the scorpion dance” and “the fans named our scorpion dance. It was originally called the budding dance”.

“As soon as we heard the title song, we all agreed with the thought ‘the style is going to be different this time’. When we did ‘Come Back Again’, we were like neighborhood dongsaengs. This time, you can say we became young men (laugh). We want to continue making our own genres, and this is how our ‘scorpion dance’ was born. Call us 7 scorpions (laugh). Our outfit today is gold, so it’d be good if you called us ‘gold scorpions’ (laugh).”

Dongwoo revealed “I’ll be happy if people called us unified dance terminators” and “We didn’t know either, but watching us on TV really shocked me. All 7 members folded their fingers at the exact same time”.

Hoya and Dongwoo revealed their ‘rap’ instincts in the 2nd album. They were involved in making the rap, leading the fans with their bright flow. Because they are young musicians who have much curiosity in music, there were also lots of worries. After this determination, they were able to be involved in the rap making.

“It was really hard when we were making the rap. We didn’t know which song would go in the album, so we weren’t able to write it beforehand. It was hard to make a rap starting from the intro to the rest of the songs. Each and every song required our blood and sweat. But seeing the results, I can’t believe that we did this ourselves. I’m happy to see songs that we wrote ourselves.” (Dongwoo, Hoya)

Infinite’s keyword is ‘challenge’. While in an idol group, they worked hard to make their own ‘team color’. Their efforts were confirmed with their showcase that opened on the past 6th. Receiving thoughts like “did Infinite really grow this much”, their attack on the stage improved, and the theater was packed with people. We were able to feel the scorpion’s poison in their determination which was present in each dance and song. Not even 1 year since their debut, Infinite has already grown so much, confirming their pink light future.

“Like our team name, we want to grow with no limit. A challenge is always a scary thing. However, our desire to share good music is stronger. We want to try our best everytime we stand on stage. There are many people who confuse us with the car (laugh). We will find a song that will allow the public to know our name ‘Infinite’, and wash away this embarrassing confusion.”

CREDITS: Kuki News (Source); glfishyy @ NLi (Translations)


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