{INTERVIEW} 110127 Woohyun “Hundreds of Negative Comments on the Hyunbin Look-a-Like Article”

Woohyun, from the 7 membered, male group, Infinite, revealed the commotion of negative comments that he received from the hot topic of him being a look-a-like to actor, Hyunbin.

Woohyun received large attention with a doppelganger picture of Hyunbin, from the recently ended, popular SBS drama, ‘Secret Garden’.

In the picture, Woohyun can be seen wearing the training suit that a ‘Italian master crafter sewed, dropping sweat by sweat’, has his front hair slightly placed down, and his swift jawline, that leads in today’s society, looks just like Hyunbin.

During the interview with Joy News 24, Woohyun stated, “I can’t really tell that we look alike. Hyunbin senior has charms even when a guy like me sees him, and because he’s one of the most hot icons right now, I feel embarrassed and sorry to dare say that I look like him. But on the other hand, it’s also an honor.”

Woohyun said, “There were as many as 1,400 comments on the Hyunbin doppelganger article. Most of the comments had reactions like ‘Where? (do they look alike)’ ‘Show us Hyunbin now’. Honestly, even I don’t think I look similar to him. I think people are saying this because of the hairstyle and the mood.”

Following this, Sungyeol, who received attention for the ‘Yoo Ahin Doppelganger’ picture, agreed as well.

Sungyeol said, “I also was hurt because of the Yoo Ahin doppelganger picture. I didn’t think I looked alike, but a lot of people just didn’t stay still.”

Sungyeol also revealed an episode, “Truthfully, there are more people that say I look similar to gagman, Heo Kyunghwan, rather than Yoo Ahin. When I was at KBS one time, the gagmans came and greeted me. At first, I thought they had noticed who I was, but they greeted me because they mistook me for Heo Kyunghwan.

Infinite laughed and said, “We think of these attacks as interest in us. We enjoyed looking at it.”

On the other hand, Infinite is actively promoting the title track off their second mini album, ‘BTD’ (Before the Dawn).

CREDITS: Joy News 24 (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Trans.)


One Comment on “{INTERVIEW} 110127 Woohyun “Hundreds of Negative Comments on the Hyunbin Look-a-Like Article””

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    yes Infinite, these attacks are interest! ^^ don’t take these comments to heart, woohyun & sungyeol! i’ll always support my Infinite no matter what! INFINITE SARANGHAEYO & HWAITING 

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