{NEWS} 110126 Infinite, Begin Their Japanese Promotions

Revealing ‘Come Back Again’ on the 26th —- Planning to have a large scale showcase in April.

Group, Infinite, has started their promotions in Japan.

On the 26th, Infinite showed their debut song ‘Come Back Again’ to the Japanese market. They signed a contract with the parent company, CCC, of one of Japan’s largest record shop chains, TSUTAYA and began their promotions in Japan. With ‘Come Back Again’, they raised the curtains up on their official debut.

A representative from Infinite’s company stated, “During the last year, we received offers about debuting from large companies in Japan. They gradually prepared for promotions in Japan while studying Japanese.”

Infinite is planning to have a large scale showcase on April 2nd, at Tokyo, Japan. They plan to inform people of themselves by doing promotions that include appearing on various shows. They are determined to captivate Japanese fans with their powerful group dancing.

Infinite is currently promoting the title song off their recent 2nd mini album, ‘Before the Dawn’.

CREDITS: Sports Korea (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


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