{NEWS} 110128 Line-up revealed for MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Star Dance Battle”!

***[LEFT: Blue Team || RIGHT: White Team]***

Round 1: Park Hwisoon & Nam Changhee (‘High High’) vs. Lee Sungbae & Hwang Jaesung (‘Single Ladies’)

Round 2: Miss A vs. 4minute

Round 3: Soohyun & Jang Youngran (‘I Need A Girl’) vs. Kim Kyungjin (‘Yayaya’)

Round 4: Hong Jinyoung (‘Sonata of Seduction’) vs. Yoo Chaeyoung (‘Good Day’)

Round 5: Jewelry (‘Funny’ + Wacking [type of dance]) vs. Teen Top (Trot medley)

Round 6: Dal Shabet (‘U-Go-Girl’ & ‘Brand New’ ) vs. Han Groo (‘Diva medley’)

Round 7: ZE:A (performance + ‘Mackerel’ by Kwanghee) vs. INFINITE (‘Baby’ + ‘Like a G6’)

Round 8: SISTAR vs. Rainbow (‘Buttons’)

Round 9: MBLAQ (‘Hip Song’ + ‘Michael Jackson tribute’) vs. Park Jungmin (in process)

Round 10: T-ara (in process) vs. After School (‘London Boys’)

CREDITS: Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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