{NEWS} 110130 – ‘Gender Controversy’ Infinite’s Sungjong, “Received a Doll Play Set as a Gift Before”

Sungjong, from the 7 membered idol group, Infinite, revealed that he had recently received a ‘doll play set’ as a gift.

Sungjong is the member in the team that displays a pretty look. He attracts attention from those who look at him with his shocking, but beautiful, blonde hair and his skin that’s white enough to be cold.

Sungjong has a leading look as a male idol that’s prettier than a girl that even raised a gender controversy through one licensed fashion magazine pictorial, at the time of his debut. And a recent picture of him parodying the group, Orange Caramel, heated up online sites with ‘the looks of a goddess’ level’.

In a recent interview with OSEN, Sungjong was asked if there’s a fan’s present that he remembers and replied, “I recently received a doll play set. It was something where you put clothes on the doll and put make-up on it..” and laughed. It was a gift that was surprising to a ‘male’ like him.

When we asked the other members, “even if Sungjong’s a male, doesn’t he look pretty?”, they loudly (?) replied with “We only see him as a male!”.

On the other, Infinite has secured their place as ‘fierce newcomers’ with their 2nd mini album. Besides this mini album’s title song, ‘Before the Dawn (BTD)’, the sentimental pop-dance number, ‘Can U Smile’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Voice of My Heart,’ shows off high perfection that even if all of them were the title songs, there would be no regret. And they also created a hot topic with their group dance, the ‘scorpion dance’, that looks like a wired action move.

CREDITS: Osen (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Trans.)


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