{INTERVIEW} FULL Interview with 10Asia

The interview we posted previously was NOT the full interview. However, this is.

“Our CEO said that if this album doesn’t do well, there’s not going to be another album”

An Intro After Staying Up All Night:




Infinite’s Dongwoo, Hoya, Sunggyu, L, Woohyun, Sungjong, Sungyeol. (From the left)

10: There was a recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Track and Field Competition’, right? How were your scores?

Sungjong: We failed. Hoya hyung could’ve done well, but he was eliminated at the preliminary round.

Hoya: When the person next to me fell, I also fell too.

Sungjong: But since we could still get our reactions caught [on camera], we stayed to cheer others on.

10: The recording probably finished near the morning, but what’s your schedule after this interview?

Woohyun: Pracitce.

10: Were there any breaks after promotions for the 1st album till comeback?

Infinite: Nope!

Hoya: We did events, practiced, recorded, and received vocal training. It wasn’t a break.

10: What did you do last Christmas?

Infinite: Practice!

A Final Determination – Evolution:



10: To start off, tell us about your album.

Sunggyu: Our album title is ‘Evolution’ and the meaning is to evolve. That’s why the participation amount is higher than the first mini album. Our vocals got more mature and you can see a more colorful group dance on stage. Dongwoo and Hoya also personally did the rap making. And for a song like ‘Can U Smile’, it’s a song that was supposed to go into our first album, but after adding more to it for completion, we recorded it again. All six songs are good songs, filled with our eagerness. And besides anything else, it’s an album that must! (Infinite: Euhahaha!) succeed.

10: But I think the reason that the second album must succeed is different from ‘wanting to receive popularity’.

Sunggyu: Our CEO said it in a serious tone. If this album doesn’t do well, he’s not going to release another album.

10: Will your CEO really not release another album? (Laughter)

Sunggyu: Ah, I don’t think he’ll really do that. Haha. But if we think like that and work harder, our next album will come out, and if that does well, we can do things like unit groups. Although there’s no set plan, Woohyun, for instance, can do a ballad solo or since Hoya and Dongwoo like hip-hop, they can go have promotions near that road. Truthfully, the problem isn’t that our company isn’t pushing us towards it, but if the results are not as great, we think that we’ll lose courage so we’re going to work hard to not have any regrets.

10: For the 1st album, Epik High’s Mithra had helped with the rap making, but since he enlisted into the army, you probably did it all by yourselves for this album. How was it?

Dongwoo: Although I did it since I was a trainee, Mithra hyung had helped us to create a better quality for the 1st album. It was fun to do it all by ourselves this time.

Hoya: For those with a lot of experience, they just write it once and say okay, but we had to write five to six raps for it to pass. Even then, if the arrangement changes, we had to rewrite it. I learned a lot.

10: Infinite’s songs have that trendy 90’s pop feel. And although the songs’ colors are great now, I feel that everyone has a different style of music that they want to do.

Sunggyu: I honestly like R&B and African-American music, but our group songs can’t always be the same with the genres I like. And the dance songs we do now are fun.

Scorpion Transformation, Feel Released/Free!:



10: Infinite’s performance is the representative for perfectly fitting group dances, is there a tip to do BTD’s point ‘scorpion dance’ well?

Woohyun: You need to always have a scorpion pose.

Infinite: …

Hoya: When I first taught the scorpion dance to Sunggyu hyung, he said ‘I don’t think I can do it’.

Sunggyu: Our CEO was watching from the sides at that time and said, “We probably won’t be able to do this dance because of Sunggyu”! Wow, it really gave a scar to my confidence, but the reason why I couldn’t help but agree, was because I really thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it because of me. But it seemed to work after practicing so hard. That’s why I think it’s important to have a faith and mind that you can do it.

Hoya: Truthfully, anyone can learn and do the move, but you need to have a relaxed look when you stand up, as if it were nothing. But there’s a moment where you’re released/feel free after doing the scorpion dance. It’s when everyone does their own freestyle dance after sweeping the floor.

10: What do you think of during that moment?

Dongwoo: Ah, freedom.

Sungjong: It’s my world~

Sunggyu: People like Hoya and Dongwoo, who like dancing, start dancing because they’re excited, but I look around for my original spot and go back to it. Since I need to do a high-pitched adlib, I straighten up my breathing, do hmhm, and go to the back.

Dongwoo: Everyone is thinking something different even though we’re on the same stage. Heuheuheu.

Become a traffic light:



Sunggyu “I truthfully like R&B and African-American music”

10: Because Dongwoo-sshi dyed his hair red [T/N: This was before his hair color changed] and Sungjong-sshi dyed his hair blonde, you guys really stand out. How was this chosen?

Sungjong: Our CEO said that he was going to dye my hair blue no matter what after ‘She’s Back’, but he saw how this hair color came out and said it was good, so I kept it like this.

Dongwoo: My hair color was normally wine-colored, then it turned into a cherry color, then a tomato color came out, and then it finally became red. They bleached my eyebrows and colored it together, so it changed every time. It was pink, yellow, red, lilac, and the eyeliner was always changed between blue and green.

Sungyeol: And together they became ‘the sun and dawn’, the beginning and end. I kept asking because I wanted to dye my hair too, but they said it wouldn’t match me…

10: If you could dye your hair, what color would you do it?

Sungyeol: Green to be really unique!

Just What is Noir?:



10: I heard that the concept for the ‘BTD’ performances was ‘noir’. How did you prepare for it?

Sunggyu: Our CEO came to the dorms in the middle of the night and showed us a Hong Kong movie. Movies like ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and ‘To Love With No Regrets’. Our CEO watched it in middle school and was really impressed by it; he decided that he would do something similar to it one day. And then he made us do it.

Hoya: There was a similar scene in KBS’ ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’. Riding a motorcycle.

Sungyeol: Something that didn’t make sense from what our CEO said was, “The main character always dies in the end of a noir movie, a public pay phone always comes out, and since they smoke cigarettes in there, think of it and practice your expressions.” I mean, what is he telling us to do…

Dongwoo: We have cellphones, so why is a public pay phone really necessary…

Sunggyu: And what was worse was that a public pay phone didn’t even come out in the movie. Heuheuheu. When it came out once in the end, our CEO said, “There we go, the public pay phone came out!”. And there was a movie that was a noir, and the main character didn’t die?

10: What did you feel after watching those movies?

Infinite: Mm…

Sungyeol: Is that kind of guy… cool?

Dongwoo: What is noir. That we have to.

Sunggyu: Movies that recently came out like ‘A Sweet Life [달콤한 인생]’, are really fun and cool, I’m not really sure about old movies… But I think we felt a somewhat bitter and a grim mood.

Woohyun: Then we went to the practice room and practiced expression in the middle of the night. It sometimes comes into my mind when I’m on stage.

10: If you had to choose, who was the coolest/handsomest?

Infinite: Yoo Dukhwa!

Hajime Mashite [[Nice to meet you]. Watashino Sunggyu Desu [I Am Sunggyu.]:

10: I heard you’re getting ready for your showcase in Japan.

Woohyun: It’s planned for April, but since it’s our first foreign showcase, I think it will be really meaningful. And besides Hoya, none of us have ever gone to Japan.

L: For me, I have this illusion about Japan.

10: …What illusion?

L: Wait, why are you looking at me oddly? Haha. Just, after I just heard things about the performance system like the camera rehearsals are done a day before, and the sounds systems are good, so I think we can show a good stage.

10: You probably will need to learn Japanese, are you prepared?

Woohyun: Probably… Sunggyu hyung is probably preparing.

Sunggyu: I received lessons awhile back. Hajime mashite [nice to meet you]. Watashino Sunggyu desu [I am Sunggyu].

10: But if you make only one person do the translating, there’s that negative point that you don’t know what they’re saying about you…

Woohyun: We can do that much too.

Sungjong: We’ll just believe and entrust it to him.

Woohyun: Hajime mashite. Watashino Woohyun desu. Arigatou gojaimasu [Thank you]~

7 Years Later, Diving Into the Audience at a 19+ Concert:



Dongwoo “It was fun to personally do the rap making”

10: The largest dream for rookie singers is to have a solo concert, what side of yourselves would you like to show if you could stand on a stage like that one day?

L: I’m learning how to play the guitar, although it’s still insufficient. If we were to do a concert, I would compose my own song and sing it.

Sunggyu: I believe that it will take about 7 years.

Sungjong: I want to sing a song that I’m confident in, then sing one measure of a trot and dance. And what I want to do more than anything is to jump into the audience! Then have the fans move me around.

Woohyun: You’ll die like that.

Infinite: Euhahaha!

10: If Sungjong-sshi jumped into the audience and was in danger, what would you do?

Sunggyu: I would jump in also.

Woohyun: He would already be dead by then.

Sungjong: (Doesn’t give into it) I want do that too. Going on a wife, no I mean, wire and coming down amazingly like in a musical.

Woohyun: What? Wife [T/N: Said in English because Sungjong got confused about it.]? Wife?

Sungjong: Hanging my leg on the line and going shu~oong, backwards.

Sungyeol: I want to do a comic dance with Sungjong or a trot and give happiness to the audience.

Dongwoo: Euheuheuheu, I would do the…

Woohyun: Reaction.

Sungjong: We would have a VIP area for Dongwoo hyung and he can sit and watch what we’re doing.

Dongwoo: I just want to enjoy it together. Hahaha.

Woohyun: Well, since he does the work by just watching. There’s a rumor that if he goes as a panelist, he can do the reactions of 100 people because he laughs so often.

Sunggyu: I want to sing a R&B song while playing the piano and do rock songs with a band.

Hoya: I want to do a special stage that I can’t on broadcast, and concerts have 19+ stages too. I want to show a heated performance like Usher does at his performances.

Infinite: Ohohohoh~

Infinite | “We want to record with ‘We Got Married’ with Orange Caramel”





10: Are there any members that are going to participate in the MBC Lunar New Year’s special ‘Idol Swimming Championship Competition’?

Sungyeol: I was part of the YMCA children’s swimming team, so I decided to go out for the 50m freestyle. But truthfully, even 25m is hard for me. I thought my heart was going to explode when I was practicing the 25m.

10: What is a variety program that each of you think you can do?

Dongwoo: KBS ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’. Me, Sungyeol, and Woohyun recently had a meeting with them.

Hoya: When I watched it when I younger, I thought that I could do good if I did it too [Dream Team]. I’m confident in obstacle courses. In the ‘Idol Track and Field Competition’ last year, I was the last runner for the relay race, and I passed 4 people and got the bronze medal.

10: The largest happening on a variety show was in MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’ when Sungjong-sshi went on the MC’s table and danced laying down. What were you thinking then?

Sungjong: Ha… It’s my world.

10: Weren’t you nervous?

Sungjong: Not at all. I wanted to do more, but I thought I would become disliked so I just did a bit.

Sunggyu: There was a time when our CEO put a ban on Sungjong doing girl group dances. Because he would become disliked if he continued to do it, our CEO said in a serious tone, “I’m not going to leave you alone if you dance one more time.”, but since there was nothing for him to do on variety shows, he took off the ban. I was shocked at first with the dances, but now I don’t give it much thought. Because I became used to it.




Although Sungjong is the magnae, he is (an influential person). – Dongwoo

10: Sungjong-sshi has a lot of aegyo and his voice is soft, but it seems like you would be above your hyungs at some time. As the magnae, what do you think when you see your hyungs?

Sungjong: I respect them sometimes,

Sungyeol: Wait! He’s lying! Our members are normally shy, so we decided to stay together during yesterday’s ‘Idol Track and Field Championship Competition’, but Sungjong kept going to play with other singers. So I went next to him to play also, but he told me, “What are the hyungs doing? The hyungs are playing by themselves over there, right?”. I mean, it’s not like it’s wrong, but…

Woohyun: “If you don’t have anything to do, you can follow me” He said that, right? Haha.

Sungjong: No, I was just curious about what they were doing. (Laughter) Anyways, I sometimes respect the hyungs, and since they take care of me a lot, I like it. But there are times when I seem more mature.

Infinite: Oh~~

Sungjong: It’s not once a month, but about once every couple of months?

10: When I see how you’re relaxed and confident wherever, it seems like you grew up with a lot of love.

Sunggyu: Truthfully, I told Sungjong during our trainee days… Ah, am I allowed to say this?

Sungjong: Ahahaha, just say it.

Sunggyu: One day I said, “You’re really pretty,” and Sungjong had a really serious tone and said, “Hyung, it’s really hard to find a person like me.”

Hoya: That’s right. I was watching a music program with him awhile back, and when he was looking at the girl groups, he said “I look prettier”!

Sunggyu: But since Sungjong says those words, it’s cute. If someone like Hoya said it, that would be really scary.

10: Since you’re in your 3rd year of high school, you’ll be taking your college entrance exams. Will the hyungs be of help when you study?

Sungjong: They will probably be of help. The hyungs came out of high school too.

Infinite: Euhahahahaha!

Sunggyu: Yeah, that’s true, but… yeah. We all came out of high school!

Sungjong: I was just trying to say that everyone has much more knowledge then me…

Girl Groups That Are Too Far To Have:



Hoya “I think I can do good if I go on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’”

10: If you were to go on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, is there anyone that you would want as a partner?

Woohyun: Orange Caramel. Since they have three people, we’ll send three people. Hoya and me, and Sungjong seems to like them too.

10: What do kind of mind do you have when you record a variety show with a girl group?

Woohyun: We should pretend to be playful.

Sungyeol: Like, it’s our true meanings, but pretending to be playful? Hahaha

Dongwoo: Are you sure you’re not pretending to be truthful when it’s a joke/play?

Woohyun: I do a lot of playful actions on the camera. Saying stuff like, “There shouldn’t be any reason needed to liking someone”.

Sungyeol: That’s a restricted video for fans.

10: Sunggyu-ssi, you were couples with 4minute’s Jiyoon in MBC’s ‘Bouquet’ , Sistar’s Soyu in MBC every1’s ‘Children of the Night’ and participated in MNET’s ‘Scandal’.

Sungyeol: He’s the scandal maker.

Sunggyu: The person I like changes for every show I do. I’m serious then, and really do love them. Although, once it’s over and I come back to the dorms, I like my members more!

10: I think Sungjong-sshi is the person who’s the least nervous when meeting female celebrities during recordings.

Sunggyu: Because he has confidence. Because he knows that his looks aren’t common.

Infinite: Euhahaha!

Sungyeol: Because he knows that he’ll be liked no matter where he goes!

Sungjong: Ah.. I become like this.

Hoya: I’m a bit on the shy side, but since Sungjong goes around and plays well with girl group members, he told me to follow him one time and he tried getting me to talk with a girl group member. Out of nowhere, making me burdened!

Sungyeol: For me, I wanted to become friendlier with them too, so I asked him to take me with him and play together. So, he dragged me and just made me stand, then the two of them [Sungjong and the girl group member] just kept talking by theirselves.

Woohyun: Sungjongie, what do you talk about with them?

Sungjong: I talk about a variety of things. ‘Noona, I watched the program well. That was really good.’ Stuff like that.

Woohyun: Wah, are you just talking about it even after not seeing it [the program]?

Sunggyu: Truthfully, Woohyun’s social skills are very good too. But Woohyun’s the type that thinks about what to talk about and then goes to talk to them, so if the conversation gets changed, he gets flustered like, ‘Ah this is bad. What do I do!’. Sungjong is just born with it.

Sungyeol: I really thought he was amazing when I saw it. His social skills are the best. He went to Miss A’s Min-sshi and started off with, “Noona, I danced ‘Breathe”, then she replied with, “Oh, really?”. Then after 5 minutes later, he starts speaking informally with her.

Sungjong: That’s why you guys should talk with them when I bring you. Because I don’t know what to do as a third person.




Although Hoya is known as the ‘top of the food chain’, he’s actually (a soft kid). – Sunggyu

10: You filmed Mnet’s ‘Infinite! You Are My Oppa’ before debut.

Woohyun: Oh, I don’t want to think about it again!

10: When you think about that time, what do you regret the most?

Woohyun: My looks! There was a different person from me. My bangs looked weird, I was chubby, and my skin wasn’t great.

Sungyeol: My shaved side of the head too.

Dongwoo: My speech. I couldn’t understand what I was saying. And after debut, I wasn’t called my name a lot. It’s always ‘Kenyan’.

L: They asked if he was really a Kenyan, and he stutters his words and can’t speak Korean well. What’s worse is that he was born in Seoul too.

Hoya: I think I had too much greed. They gave me a quiet ‘Busan male’ concept in the beginning, but since I thought that my cuts wouldn’t come out, I talked a lot during the first recording. It really made everyone laugh at the scene. But it was all edited out from the broadcast! And my speaking didn’t even come out, but on the captions it said, ‘big mouth [talking a lot]’. Wow, it was the first time I was called a big mouth. And I later heard that they edited it out because it just wasn’t something that a rookie should be saying. Ah…

Sungyeol: But what we felt when we monitored the 1st episode, was that no matter how much we talked or didn’t talk, the motionless L got more screentime than us.

Sungjong: The writer hyung had promised me that he would create a daebak [amazing, great in this case] thing at the end, but I don’t know what I was thinking when I recorded it. My mind to record my best was going ahead too.

Hoya: When we were recording the 1st episode, me and Sungjong were the stars, but we gradually disappeared from the screen…

10: Then who do you think was the largest beneficiary from the program?

Hoya: Sungyeol. It was Sungyeol’s prime time then. When I went to the fancafe, there were only talks about Sungyeol. Sungyeol oppa, Sungyeol oppa. Until the album came out. Haha.

10: What happened afterwards?

L: Sungyeol’s fans slowly came to us. Haha.

Woohyun: We thankfully took them. But if we were to do a reality program again, I could do much better.

10: If you were to do another variety program, what kind of concept would you like to try out?

Hoya: Something like MBC every1’s ‘Idol Army’. Not because a different girl group will come out each time, but because we can show something every week. A dance or song, games, things like that. But I would like it if we didn’t film it at the dorms. It’s really tiring.

My Apartment That’s Waiting For Me:



Woohyun “My looks in ‘Infinite! You Are My Oppa’ were a bit…”

10: Is your dorm still the 2-story house in Mangwon-dong that came out in ‘Infinite! You Are My Oppa’?

Sungyeol: Yes, our CEO said that he’ll move our dorm when we get in at least 10th place for KBS ‘Music Bank’.

10: What place were you last week?

Sungyeol: 21st.

10: Is there a neighborhood that you have planned out?

Sungjong: It just has to be an apartment.

10: What do you expect from that apartment?

Sungyeol: I would like it if there were at least 3~4 toilets. It’s urgent. It’s hard to have seven people use only one.

Dongwoo: We need a microwave too, but we recently got it as a present.

Sungyeol: We really needed it to reheat chicken breasts. It was a frozen product, but since there wasn’t any way to reheat it, we always turned on hot water and made it defrost naturally, hehe.

10: How do you divide the housework?

Sungyeol: We rotate doing the laundry once a week, and the dish washing is done by the person who ate from it. But there’s someone who secretly eats in the middle of the night and just leaves it because they’re too tired. Even when we try to catch the culprit in the morning, it never works. How do we catch them.

10: Is there a member that you’re suspicious of?

Infinite: (Stares at Sungjong with no words)

Sungjong: What? Why?

Sungyeol: Magnae is getting tired of a lot of things lately…

Sungjong: No~ I do mine.

My Girlfriend is Manager Hyung:




L “Sungyeol’s fans slowly came to us after the album came out.”

10: How are the roommates set up?

Dongwoo: Our manager hyung recently went to the first floor. We all cheered then. Assa! So now me and L, Woohyun and Sunggyu hyung, and Hoya, Sungjong, and Sungyeol share rooms.

10: Why did you cheer then?

Sunggyu: Well, we can sleep late if we want to, and sleep early if we want to. Our manager hyung is a really sensitive person. He doesn’t talk if he’s mad and he pouts, and if we do something wrong, it goes on for a long time. He seems like a girlfriend.

10: What made him mad for the longest time?

Sunggyu: When we were riding in the car awhile back, Hyung was saying something and Sungyeol fell asleep for a bit. Truthfully, we can fall asleep, right! Then Hyung started getting angry and told us that we changed, I mean, it’s really scary. Telling us that we’ve changed even though it hasn’t been long since we debuted. But that’s all because he loves us and cares for us. Because we’re mostly everything to hyung, haha!

Infinite | “If we could hear ‘they’re from Infinite’ even when we’re by ourselves”




Dongwoo says he’s ‘like the mother’, but when I see it, he’s the (genius or idiot). -L




Infinite’s Sungyeol, Sungjong, Sunggyu, Woohyun, L, Dongwoo, Hoya. (Starting from the left)

10: Dongwoo-sshi, do you still write journal entries?

Dongwoo: I haven’t been able to write them recently. I changed my diary too. I received one with a lock as a gift.

10: They say that you showed it once to Sunggyu-sshi because he should know of the members’ worries as the leader, but did you show it to him again after that time?

Dongwoo: I haven’t shown it to him once.

Sunggyu: Truthfully, I didn’t want to see it either. You’re supposed to write how you feel in a journal entry, but Dongwoo only has, “I did this today. I practiced. I ate.”…

10: You said that you’re the self-called mom of Infinite…

Sungyeol: If our mom was like this, it would be bad.

Dongwoo: Sungyeol told me, “It would be bad if Hyung was my dongsaeng”. He said that he wouldn’t have left me alone. Heuheuheu. But I like my current personality.

Sunggyu: He thinks that he’s really meticulous, considerate, and that he takes care of everything.

Sungjong: When we’re just having a conversation, Dongwoo hyung thinks he’s giving us advice.

Sunggyu: When we forget to turn off the lights and lie in bed to sleep, he says, “Want me to turn it off for you?”, and then once he turns it off, he laughs like he’s really proud.?

Sungyeol: And if we don’t notice that, he gets sad. And when we ask why he was late, he would say that he was carefully taking care of things.

Dongwoo: Because I take care of these little things, I laugh easily at minor things. That’s why when I laugh at our members’ talents [like Sungjong’s girl group dancing] , saying that it’s funny, they don’t believe me. Heuheu.




Sungyeol’s famous as the ‘elementary schooler’, but he’s actually an (elementary schooler). -Woohyun

10: The ‘Day of an Idol’ video that Sungyeol-sshi recorded last year received a lot of attention. Why did you record it?

Sungyeol: After seeing the ‘Day of an Office Worker’ become an issue, we recorded it become an issue too.

10: Why was Sungyeol the only one in it?

Woohyun: Because Sungyeol has the most playful, elementary schooler image. If Sunggyu hyung did it, it would’ve been a documentary.

Sunggyu: If I did it with my depressed expression, it would probably have come up in the news like, “Do idols live like this”, “The serious reality of idols”. I think it fit Sungyeol the best.

10: Do you think it became as much of an issue as you wanted it to be?

Sungyeol: Yes, I thought there was quite a reaction to it.

Woohyun: Truthfully, I don’t monitor things much so…

Sunggyu: And for me, I get anxious when Sungyeol does something…

Infinite: Euhahahaha!

10: In ‘Children of the Night’, Eun Jiwon-sshi played the games really fiercely. Don’t you get nervous when you’re with someone who’s a senior by 10 years?

Sungyeol: Eun Jiwon senior is the original elementary schooler/choding. So I was worried if I could go forth with my elementary schooler character or not, so I just said a really light thing. In a really childish way. Then he received that well [helped make the conversation live]. He actually told me to go more with it, and was really kind to me.

10: You seem to be showing animal imitations as your talents, but don’t you have thoughts of showing something cooler?

Sungyeol: After revealing the monkey expression in my identification card, there’s nothing else to do now. So I’m doing more upgraded imitations of animals. I don’t match with cool things.

Sunggyu: That’s Sungyeol’s charm. He looks handsome, but he’s not afraid of wrecking his image, and I think it’s amazing that he actually enjoys it.

Woohyun: Are you jealous?

Sunggyu: I’m not jealous of things like that. Although I’m jealous of his looks…




Although Sunggyu’s known as the charismatic leader, he’s actually a (timid, nagging person). – Sungyeol

10: Sungyeol-sshi said that if he could be any member for a day, he would be the leader because he wants to command the others around about cleaning. Specifically, how do you want to do it?

Sungyeol: I would just rest and make others do it.

Sunggyu: I help with the cleaning too. The kids keep saying in interviews that I only command and don’t clean, but I’ve never done that before. It’s really unfair! Sungyeol is lying for the laughs, he’s a really shameless friend.

Sungyeol: Well, me and Hyung are different teams for laundry. I was really going to do the laundry after showering, but when I was about to shower, Hyung kept nagging at me to do the laundry…

Sunggyu: We can’t push it off.

10: It must really be something when you have to scold your dongsaengs at this age, for not doing laundry.

Sunggyu: That’s right. There’s a lot of times that I feel sorry to the members because I’m the hyung who’s lacking and doesn’t really have anything special about him, but I’m in this position because of my age. Truthfully, is there anyone that actually wants to nag?

Sungyeol: (Pointing to Sunggyu) Here! Hahahahaha.

Woohyun: You just have to see the end, don’t you.




Woohyun says he’s the self-called ‘core person’, but the moment he has the most existence is (when he doesn’t talk). -Sungjong

10: What’s the reason that Woohyun-sshi gets called by the leader?

Sunggyu: Because Woohyun’s the dongsaeng right below me [not much of an age difference], and we use the same room. I always see him and Woohyun has a bit of a celebrity mind. Namstar!

Infinite: Euhahahaha

Sunggyu: It’s not a bad meaning, I think it’s really good that he has confidence. But I’m saying this so that his mind doesn’t overflow with it. But, I don’t call him that often.

10: You probably don’t just go on broadcasts, but events too. And I feel that your know-how to make the mood would be a bit different. If you learned something during this time, what is it?

Hoya: They like it when you pick out person by person.

Sunggyu: Although it’s hard to do it often, I sometimes hold their hands too.

Sunggyu: Woohyun usually does the commenting, but it’s sort of short. He starts with ‘Hello~’, heuheu, then finishes it off with “Okay, we’ll send out the next song~ See everyone next time~”.

10: Do you practice comments separately?

Woohyun: Haha, with just a feeling. I don’t think it’s bad though.

L: It works well in places like the market, but it gets sort of a cold reaction from places with elders or a high-class event…

Sungyeol: It works well on the streets.




Although L is apparently in charge of the ‘mood’, he’s often (not often, he’s usually clumsy.) – Hoya

10: On a variety program, L was asked “What are high-heels in 2 letters”, and he responded with platform shoes [통굽].

Dongwoo: Wow, it’s a really traditional word. Platform shoes!

10: Have you never heard of ‘kill heels’?

L: Kill…heels? I don’t know.?

Sungjong: Shoes with high heels!

Sunggyu: Do you want to wear them?

Sungjong: Haha, that’s okay.

10: Is there something you want to do once you succeed greatly?

L: I want to… Ah, what was the question again? I like to collect limited edition items. Although I don’t have many, I like collecting cameras too. I like figures too. I put them all into boxes because we share rooms now, but I would like to start a collection of something. You could say I’m a collector.

10: If you were to record a commercial, what would you like to record?

L: Clothes, or cameras. Canon, Nikon, Olympus. Anything

The Road to Being a Top Star:



Sungyeol “There were times when I went to the convenience store with my make-up on and they didn’t know who I was”

10: Was there a time after debuting when you felt something like ‘we succeeded a bit’?

Sunggyu: Not at all.

Woohyun: Because we’re under pressure to do better, we can’t feel anything like that.

10: Out of 10 people, how many do you think can recognize you?

Woohyun: Mm, about 1 to 2 people?

Hoya: When I went to my hometown, Changwon, for Chuseok, I walked around a department store with a lot of people for a couple of hours. Only 6 people noticed who I was and they weren’t average people, they were our fans.

Sungyeol: There are times when I went to the convenience store with my make-up on and they couldn’t tell who I was. I kept looking around with anticipation that they would notice who I was, but they just kept on doing their own work…

Woohyun: From that person’s point of view, they’re probably wondering why this kid’s wearing make-up.

L: There are people that occasionally ask, “Are you a celebrity?”. And if I’m wearing my stage outfit, they ask, “Are you a singer?” and when I say, “Yes, Infinite.”, they say, “Infinite? I’ve never heard about them?” …

Sungjong: I went to eat duck meat awhile back, a fan saw me and wrote a post in our fancafe. ‘I went to a restaurant and Sungjong was monitoring himself through the TV. At first I thought it was just a good-looking kid, but I looked closely and it was Sungjong~’

Sunggyu: Did you just call yourself good-looking?

Woohyun: In the end, it’s just praising himself!

They Need Our Attention:



Sungjong “When I went to eat duck meat, my fans saw me”

10: Woohyun-sshi, a picture of you wearing the same sparkly training suit as Hyunbin-sshi made an article saying you were his ‘doppelganger’.

Woohyun: I really took the picture as a joke, but there were about 1400 comments.

Dongwoo: Are you sure you weren’t serious and just pretending that it was a joke? Heuheuheu.

Woohyun: But 1390 of the comments were cold reactions like, “Wanna die?”, “Where does he look like Hyunbin?”, “The clothes and hair is Hyunbin, but the face is Nam Woohyun”.

10: Sungyeol-sshi has pictures come up, saying that they looked similar to Yoo Ahin-sshi.

Woohyun: This kid probably had like 1600 comments. Hahaha.

Dongwoo: At least Woohyun had defending comments like, “Woohyun didn’t say that he looked like him”, but Sungyeol didn’t have any comments like that.

Sunggyu: Woohyun’s fans still said, “Woohyun looks better/cooler”, but fans of Sungyeol said, “That’s a bit” …

Sungyeol: Things like, “They don’t alike at all. Do you want to die before the dawn?”

Infinite: Euhahahahaha!

Sungyeol: Truthfully, I don’t think I look alike either. Why, why, why! I don’t know why that even came up.

Woohyun: But because of that, our popularity went up a bit. Anti-fans are fans too. It’s okay because we just need to change their hearts. I would like to hear ‘Oh? He’s from Infinite’ when we go around by ourselves, after this album.

CREDITS:  10Asia [1] , [2] , [3] ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits / Infinite Updates (TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS; DO NOT ADD YOURSELVES TO THE CREDITS ♥)



2 Comments on “{INTERVIEW} FULL Interview with 10Asia”

  1. misa says:

    I always love 10Asia interviews of these kids. Making me lol with some of their comments. Thanks for the trans & sharing! <3

  2. HeartInfinite says:

    There were so many moments that made me LOL. And I swear this interviewer is an Inspirit. Otherwise, how would she/he know SO much about them??

    The CEO making Infinite members watch old Hong Kong gangster movies with him made me LOL. And the CEO’s idea of what film noir was: smoking cigarettes, a public pay phone, etc, was also hilarious!!

    Oh, and diva Sungjong!! He wants to dive into the audience. And Sungjong is so popular with girl group members. When Infinite won #1 at M!Countdown, Bora, Soyu and G.na all patted Sunjong on the back when he was crying. I think he’s friends with Hyosung, as well. And I didn’t know he was friends with Min!! There both kkab dancers. He can be the obedient maknae sometimes, but he can also be the condescending diva maknae sometimes, lol. And he’s so competitive when it comes to girl groups, kekekek

    Woohyun the scandal maker. And LOL at all the fans that left negative comments on his picture imitating Hyungbin in Secret Garden. They were so blunt, saying stuff like “do you want to die??” I saw the pic and I see definite similarities.

    And Hoya is shy with girl group members!! so cute~~~

    Favorite Quotes:
    Sunjong: Hyung, it’s really hard to find a face like mine.

    Sungyeol: But what we felt when we monitored the 1st episode, was that no matter how much we talked or didn’t talk, the motionless L got more screentime than us.

    Sunggyu: When we forget to turn off the lights and lie in bed to sleep, Dongwoo says, “Want me to turn it off for you?”, and then once he turns it off, he laughs like he’s really proud.?

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