[NEWS] 110216 – Hoya & Suzy, Gaining Attention as Previous ‘Superstar K’ Contestants



Infinite’s Hoya and Miss A’s Suzy were revealed to be previous contestants of ‘Superstar K’.

Along with the audition opening information released on February 16th for Mnet’s audition program, ‘Superstar K 3’, a new light was shone on the idols who were previous contestants. Infinite’s Hoya and Miss A’s Suzy, who is hitting the ceiling with KBS2 TV’s ‘Dream High’, received attention as previous contestants of ‘Superstar K’.

Netizens who heard this, gave heated support and left comments like, “I didn’t know both of them were previous ‘Superstar K’ contestants”, “I give infinite thanks to the manager who casted them so that they could debut”, “It’s nice to see them doing well”.

On the other hand, Hoya’s group, Infinite, is currently doing promotions for their second mini album’s title song ‘BTD’ not only on music programs, but on variety shows too. And Suzy is broadening her fields as an MC, singer, and actor.

article ; newsen

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates/endless limits ; take out with full credits (adding yourselves to the credits is NOT allowed) ♥



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