[NEWS] 110218 – Infinite, Transform Into Rebellious ‘Retro-Dols’



The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, transformed with a retro-style for a photoshoot.

Infinite’s pictorial, that was released through Vogue Girl’s March edition, has a unique style with the clothes and hairstyles for each of the 7 members. They are drawing attention with this retro-style that was never shown before by them.

The members show a perfect group choreography, with no errors on stage, to the point where they’re called the group dancing terminators.Through this pictorial, the 7 members show various poses that change 180° for each cut and with their fierce eyes, they completed the perfect ‘retro-dol’ image.

Netizens who saw the picture showed explosive reactions like, “It’s a really cool pictorial.”, “Rebellious Infinite!”, “L and Woohyun’s sexiness is really amazing.”, “L and Woohyun shine in pictorials too.”

On the other hand, Infinite is being picked out as 2011’s best idol as they promote their second mini album’s title song, ‘BTD’, not only on music programs, but on variety shows as well.

article cr; md today

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates / endless limits ; take out with full credits (adding yourselves to the credits is not allowed) ♥



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