{INTERVIEW} Infinite K-BOYS Interview Part II

Q: What are you all individually in charge of? Also, what are you good at?

Sunggyu: As a leader, I’m the main vocal. I’m the oldest and I go on radio programs often.

Woohyun: Like Sunggyu hyung, I’m also a main vocal. I always go on variety shows and I try to speak first as much as I can.

Dongwoo: I’m the main rapper. I try bringing laughter to my surroundings through my reactions.

Howon: I’m in charge of choreography, vocal, and rapping. I think I go often on sports programs.

Sungyeol: I’m a vocal and also in charge of being good looking. I’m planning on going through with being Infinite’s potentiality of being funny by doing the “elderly dance” and “hip dance.”

Myungsoo: I’m in charge of vocals and looks. Also, I’m the atmosphere maker.

Sungjong: I’m a vocal and in charge of being the cute magnae. One day, I want to be number one among idols through my funny dancing.



Q: We heard that you all were living in a dorm together. If there are secrets about the other members from your daily lives, let us know.

Sunggyu: Dongwoo. Dongwoo likes going up to the attic. He enjoys spending his alone time there. He reads letters or uses the computer in the attic. So that’s why I call him “Attic Dongwoo.”

Dongwoo: I’ll say something too. Sungyeol likes touching my body. If you’re going to touch my body like that, give me a massage!!

Sungjong: L hyung talks in his sleep. Dongwoo sleeps next to L hyung and often times Dongwoo wakes up because of L hyung [T/N: Apparently the translations said Sungjong only called L his hyung…].


Q: Infinite’s trademark is having perfect, synchronized choreography. How do you practice and can you explain in detail for us?

Woohyun: First off, we record it on video and as we check up on it, we even synchronize the smallest angles. Then, we make the perfect, unified movement.

Myungsoo: We stop the video ever second and check. Even if there is the slightest gap, we fix it and dance again.

Dongwoo: Also, we check each individual’s movements through the mirror. It’s important that all the members look good when it comes into piece together.

Howon: And if you want to try this choreography, you need the stamina. That’s why we do body building training. Before we sleep, we listen to music or do image training also.


Q: How much do you practice a day?

Woohyun: Before we released the new album, we practiced 18 hours.

Sunggyu: Especially the month right before our debut, it was extremely difficult for us.

Sungyeol: When we wake up in the morning, what we do next is spend our day doing hard trainings.

Dongwoo: After stretching upon waking up, the first thing we did was dance. Then we ate lunch, practiced, practiced more, and then right before we went to sleep, we did individual practices also.


Q: Were there hard points in your choreography or songs?

Sunggyu: The scorpion dance in BTD was the hardest. We needed a lot of time to make sure that we were in the same position as well as moving at the same time.

Sungjong: Me too. It was the most difficult for me in learning the scorpion dance. I fixed each and every mistake after recording it on video.

Myungsoo: For me, our debut song Come Back Again. It was really hard being synchronized altogether.

Dongwoo: For me, I think the hardest part about group dancing is that we have to move at the same time in the same position.


Q: What is Infinite’s specialty that no other group can follow?

Myungsoo: The biggest one is dancing. I think in order to show that, we do the best.

Howon: For me, I think its teamwork and having you and the members think alike.

Sungyeol: We’re full of our own character and color.

Woohyun: In our albums, we have really good songs. The tracks live up to the potential of being title songs.


Q: You’re going to start activities in Japan now, so what do you expect from Japanese fans?

Sunggyu: I think it would be great for fans to be able to sing along with us on a live stage performance to the Korean lyrics.

Woohyun: I was thinking of being able to meet the fans in person. As soon as possible, I want to hurry and meet them.


Q: Is there an artist or idol you’re interested in? If you want to do something with them, tell us what.

Sunggyu: I really love Ellegarden. When I was a high school student, I was in a rock band with my friends and we covered the song “Make a Wish” while playing it on the instruments. I hope to perform live with them one day.

Woohyun: For me, I really want to meet Sasaki Nozomi. I want to film a drama together.

Dongwoo: I like Otsuka Ai and Morning Musume. What would it be like if I rapped to their songs?

Howon: They’re not an artist, but I want to record with Aoi Yu.

Sungyeol: Yamashita Tomohisa visited Korea and he was really good looking!!!

Myungsoo: For me, I want to meet the Arashi members and become friends with them!!

Sungjong: I want to film a movie with Odagiri Joe. I want to learn about Japanese movies.


Q: What do you want to do in Japan? Whatever it is, everything is okay!

Woohyun: For me, I want to visit everywhere in Japan while having a live tour.

Sunggyu: Having a concert in Tokyo Dome! If Japanese people knew of our efforts, I know that one day our dreams will come true.

Howon: I want to have a live performance on the street. Also, a dance battle in a club sounds good too.

Sungjong: For me, placing 1st on a music chart! And also going on vacation with the members.

Myungsoo: I just want to go around the city and take pictures.

Woohyun: Also after that is definitely buying clothes while going shopping!!

Sungyeol: Shopping, eating sushi and ramen to fill up my stomach, and then going to a hot spring while being warm and feeling relaxed.

Dongwoo: I will eat sushi and udon in the morning and go hiking afterwards, eat ton katsu in the afternoon while walking down fashion streets, and in the night, focus on singing in front of all our fans.


*I’m sure that some of the translations could be better if it was translated directly from Japanese to English, so excuse my translations if they seem a bit off for those who know Japanese!

CREDITS: murisu (Source; Translations JP to KR); Jiwon @ infinite updates (Translations KR to EN)


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