{INTERVIEW} Music Bank Magazine Interview

Q: With the carefulness and singing skills, Nothing’s Over gained good reviews. Tell us more about this single. 

Woohyun: The title of our single was based off of our official fan club name. Nothing’s Over was a present for our fans. So by having the melody and lyrics being sweet, it was easier to listen to. If we were able to show a chic image in BTD, then we portrayed friendliness and kindness this time. Aside from our synchronization from before, all of the members made it special for each and every one of them in being able to move around more freely. Also, our other track ‘Can U Smile’ has a soft beat in its remake as the track ‘Shot’ has a rock feet and we used key factors that were essential to it.


Q: The softness and carefulness of Nothing’s Over captivated fans from 10s to even nuna fans in their 30s. What do you think about this?

Sungjong: Ah really? I’m really excited to hear that we’re gaining more nuna fans!!

Sungyeol: I don’t go out that much so I’m not really sure.


Q: Come Back Again, She’s Back, BTD.. and now Nothing’s Over. Each and every day, your music, singing skills, and performances are improving. How much time is put into your practices?

Dongwoo: On the days we don’t have schedules, we practice usually 18 hours. But normally, our schedules end late in the night and if that’s the case, we practice when we can with schedules.


Q: What’s your favorite song from Infinite? Tell us the reason why also.

Dongwoo: I personally like ‘Wings’ and ‘Voice of My Heart.’ I’m not sure if a lot of people know it since they aren’t title songs. For ‘Wings,’ our senior Mithra from Epik High featured in it and while we were recording, he taught us a lot about rapping.

Hoya: The song I like the best is Hysterie. This song also wasn’t a title song, but the style and how the song is arranged I really liked. Like a title song, the song is about a man loving a woman [T/N: The Japanese -> Korean translator said that Hoya used word play when describing Hysterie like how the man who fell in love with the woman fell into a hysteric state]. I don’t have any personal experiences like this, so it’s more interesting. Also, I like Nothing’s Over since Dongwoo hyung and I wrote the rap lyrics for it.


Q: What do you do on your days off?

L: It’s a bit difficult to go outdoors, so we tend to spend our time in our room. We shop online, read books… but most importantly, we sleep most of the time hehe.


Q: Hoya featured in the rap for senior Wheesung’s ‘A Heart-Wrenching Story.’ Other group members do featuring, release solo albums, act, or go off into varieties in doing their personal activities. Does Infinite have any plans to go off into personal activities? 

Sungyeol: For me, I’m planning to act in the SBS drama ‘While You Were Sleeping.’ I used act as an extra before my debut, but this is my official debut as an actor. My role is someone who’s cool, rich, and smart…my character is similar to those in romance anime (cartoon). Does it suit me?

Woohyun: Sungyeol, Sungjong, and I are also fixed panels on SBS Show Starking. 


Q: We heard that Infinite was produced by Epik High’s Tablo. Aside from Epik High, who else would you like to learn from?

Hoya: For me, I want to learn from senior Wheeusng. I learned and studied a lot through featuring this time for senior Wheesung. As a senior, he gave me a lot of advice and even taught me on what it is like to be a true artist.

Dongwoo: For me, senior Kim Taewoo. Although I’m a rapper, I want to learn singing skills and performance manners [T/N: Like how to hype up the crowd].


Q: Is there a Japanese artist or actor you like?

Sungyeol: I like Arashi. Each of their characters are overflowing and they act well as well as sing well. Also, Sasaki Nozomi because her face makes low and high points [T/N: Sungyeol actually said ‘makes low and high points’ in the interview in English…don’t question us, question Sungyeol]. 

Hoya: For me, Aoi Yu. My ideal is a neat and lovely person.

Dongwoo: For me, I like Morning Musume because they’re cute. I like Otsuka Ai’s cute voice.


Q: Infinite is popular amongst Japanese people who like k-pop. Do you want to make your debut in Japan?

L: A few days ago, Sunggyu hyung, Hoya, and I went for a filming in Kyeong-ju as the 3 of us and there were a lot of Japanese onlookers. Upon seeing us, they said “Infinite is awesome!” I’m really glad that we’re recognized in Japan but for us, we don’t have official debut plans in Japan yet. But we still want to see our fans soon.


Q: Lastly… leave a word for Japanese fans as well as Music Bank Magazine.

Hoya: After the earthquake, I saw a picture of a woman crying in the newspaper and it hurt my heart a lot. I want to encourage them through our concert but I don’t think it’s time for it as of right now, but we will support the current residents in Japan! Japanese fans, hwaiting!

L: All of the Japanese fans supporting Infinite…thank you! Also, Music Bank Magazine, hwaiting! Hwaiting to J-pop too!

Dongwoo: Infinite has returned with a new image through Nothing’s Over. We, Infinite, will hope to grow together with Music Bank Magazine. We thank the k-pop groups who made their debut before us in Japan and will work hard in becoming one of the leading groups in k-pop also! Thank you very much everyone!


*I’m sure that some of the translations could be better if it was translated directly from Japanese to English, so excuse my translations if they seem a bit off for those who know Japanese!

CREDITS: murisu (Source; Translations JP to KR); Jiwon @ infinite updates (Translations KR to EN)


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