{INTERVIEW} 110624 L’s Interview with TV-Asahi

The pursuit of a murderer, Jiu by two female cops has been casted for K-POP idol; Infinite’s L! A brief description of the drama!

The main cops of the drama ‘Jiu Police Crime Investigations’ are played by Meisa Kuroki and Tabe Mikako. Both female cops are after the rampant murderer, Jiu. With thrill and suspense as the main elements of this summer drama, we also have luxurious casts that have been added!

Kuroki and Tabe would be casted as Izaki Mokoto, and Kadokura Misaki, and would be in the pursuit of the mysterious beautiful murderer; Jiu. Jiu is a beautiful blonde boy who has agility and great eyesight for moving things, and was born with the ability to not feel any pain. He would learn of his sad upbringing as Mokoto and Misaki chases after him.

Such a key cast in the story would be played by K-POP idol, Infinite’s L. After their first showcase in Japan, Infinite’s popular member would be starred in his first Japanese drama!

Popular K-POP idol Infinite’s L would be casted in his first Japanese drama!

Infinite is a 7-membered boy group that is a dance-vocal group that debuted back in 2010 in Korea. They were praised for their shocking dance performance and quality in singing, they had also successfully finished their debut showcase in June of the same year. Ïnfinite” means “endless limits”, which could be the secret to their infinite potential.

Even in Japan, their showcase in Osaka (Number 8) on the 17th of July (Sunday) and first showcase in Tokyo (Zepp Tokyo) 19th of July (Tuesday) will be held! Tickets to both showcases were immediately sold out, they are now a trending topic.

In Japan with TSUTAYA Rental’s limited single for ‘TO-RA-WA’, ‘She’s back’, ‘BTD (Before The Dawn)’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’ had been a shocking 4 consecutive months release from January 2011.

Also, all 4 releases had topped the charts for ringing tones at ‘music.jp(R)”s ‘Hallyu Full (R)’

With such a popularity, their popular member, L would be casted in his first Japanese drama!

L was born in 13th March, 1992 and is current 19 years old. Standing at 180cm, with a cool aura and cute smile, he has been praised to be the most popular member! Together with him would be Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol’s ‘While you were sleeping’ (SBS Korea, May 2011~) continuing from then on, both of them would be starred in dramas. Since this is L’s first attempt at a Japanese drama, he would need to need to learn of the impressions of Japan and the feelings needed in Japanese dramas.

L’s comment

‘Jiu is mysterious. He might be similar to me…?’

‘Q: Coming all the way to Japan for this cast in the drama, what is your impression of Japan?’

At first, my impression was that ‘the fashion is unique’. When I went to the udon shop in Shibuya, I was greeted by a person with red hair and a perm, and I thought ‘Japan is a strong country’. When I walked down the streets, I found that there were a lot of different personalities (laugh).

‘Q: What is your feeling about this first attempt at this drama?’

When I first heard of Jiu, I was really worried over whether I was able to act this out. After hearing what the director told me, I decided to take up the challenge.

I like to work hard for tings, and I’ve decided to put all my best for this role.

At first I’d thoughts of singing and acting are different things, but the part where we ‘convey our feelings’ and ‘to move people’ are the same, so I would like to do my best for this.

‘Q: What was your first impression of Jiu?’

I felt that Jiu is dark, and lonely. He is also mysterious. He is sort of like me, but there are also parts where we are totally different.

‘Q: What was your first impression of your co-stars Meisa Kuroki and Tabe Mikako?

I thought that the both of them were really pretty. Kuroki-san has a chic and cool image, whereas Tabe-san has a cute image. I am nervous being chased after by such beautiful cops (laughs).

It is an honor for me to work with them!

‘Q: What is your charm point and appeal point?’

I still think it’s ‘diligence’. Even though I’m working under as a artist in Korea, I felt that I’ve really grown comparing to the point of our CD debut. Even so, when it comes to acting, at first there might be places where I’m not good enough, but I think that I will slowly grow and show a different side.

‘Q: Please say something to your Japanese fans.’

I will be having activities not as Infinite’s L, but as an actor soon. I want to show everyone my new charms, and how I’m slowly growing. Please take care of me.

CREDITS: TV-Asahi (Source); cuntae @ Twitter; infinite updates (Translations)


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