{NEWS} 110719 INFINITE completes successful showcases in Osaka and Tokyo

Idol group INFINITE finally commenced their full-fledged Japanese advancement on July 19th, beginning with their first showcase in Osaka.

Known to be the ‘Formation Dancing Terminators‘, the boys left their spectators in awe with their knife-sharp choreography. INFINITE performed a total of ten songs throughout their showcase.

Not only did they exhibit their powerful, charismatic sides on stage, but they also showed their usual cute and friendly personalities. INFINITE demonstrated to their Japanese fans they are fully capable of being the next generation’s leaders of the Hallyu wave through their fine-tuned music, choreography, outfits and stage composition.

All seven members expressed great enthusiasm in their answers during the showcase’s Q&A session to make it as fun as possible for their fans, which impressed even the Japanese staff.

INFINTE also completed another sold-out showcase on the 19th at the Tokyo ZEPP, where they showed an even more upgraded stage to complement the larger crowd.

Fans expressed, “They’re a jackpot even in Japan!”, “This is very heartwarming to hear”, and “I’m happy that they’re receiving all this interest”, “You guys are Hallyu stars now too!”

CREDITS: Chosun via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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