{INTERVIEW} 110803 – Interview with Cyworld Music

Hello. We’re Infinite~!

Sunggyu > I’m Leader Sunggyu~!! Nice to meet you, Cyworld members~

Woohyun > Welcome to the best world, Cyworld~

Dongwoo > Nice to meet you~ I’m the charming eyes, Dongwoo heuheu ^^ The best newsletter, Cyworld!!!

Hoya > I’m Infinite’s talented Hoya ㅎㅎ

Sungyeol > I’m Infinite’s height, Sungyeol!! Nice to meet you ㅋㅋ

L > I’m Infinite’s L, nice to meet you ㅋㅋ

Sungjong > I’m Infinite’s youngest, Sungjong. Cyworld members, I love you~

Introduce Infinite’s first official album, ‘Over The Top’.

Sunggyu > All 10 songs on this album are new songs and you can confirm Infinite’s upgraded sides through this album. Along with the title song, ‘Be Mine’, that makes you think of a 80’s Euro-Pop song, you can see various genres of music like hip-hop, ballad, pop, and dance.

Hoya > The perfection level of this album is high because all the songs on this album are new songs. You can feel Infinite’s sexy charisma through the title song, ‘Be Mine’.

L > It’s a song where you can feel Infinite’s different charms where they grew from boys to men. It’s an album that had a lot of music devotion go into it.

Sungyeol > The chorus to ‘Be Mine’ is really addictive and it’s a song where we show a masculine side by asking a woman to come to us because they’re having a hard time with another guy.

Woohyun > It’s a masculine and powerful song. It’s a song that sends a confident message to the woman they love, to be theirs.

Dongwoo > It’s a song where I don’t like how she’s being hurt by another guy, so I ask her to come to me, who can love her! Be Mine!

Sungjong > It’s different from the songs we’ve had up till now as it has a more mature feel. It’s a song that fits with Infinite’s color!

Your fan amount increased a lot, so do you feel the popularity of Infinite lately?

Sunggyu > I feel really happy every time I listen to our fans’ cheering. But I still think we’re far from it.. ㅜㅜ

Woohyun > Because we’re always together and go places together with our fans, it’s not that I really feel it, but I just hope that it goes for a long time. ^^

Dongwoo > I can definitely feel it from the cheering at music broadcasts! But in real life, not really… They recognize us when all the members are together, but they probably won’t know who I am if I walked alone~ ^^

Hoya > It’s really amazing to see our popularity gradually rising and it makes me happy. I think I now know what going through things together means.

Sungyeol > When we’re walking on the streets, many people recognize us so it’s amazing! Each day is really an amazing day to me~

L > When we occasionally walk down the street and our song starts playing in a store! Feeling proud for no specific reason!

Sungjong > The amount of fans who recognize Infinite, have expanded~ Even little kids like us and thank you so much them along with hyungs and noonas for loving us!

You were probably influenced while working with your seniors, Epik High, Sweet Tune, and M.C the Max’s Jay…

Sunggyu > There were definitely many points where we modeled ourselves to, and we’re learning how to approach music and enjoy it. Truthfully, it’s really an honor!

Woohyun > Because it’s with the best artists, I really had a lot of points to learned.

Dongwoo > We received a lot of advice about the smallest pronunciations to even about the stage!

Hoya > I think I felt daily what the path of a real artist is.

Sungyeol > I learned the manners needed in a celebrity life! It really was a big help to me!

L > They kindly informed me about each and every thing that I didn’t know! I didn’t know time was going by when I was with my seniors ^^

Sungjong > Thank you so much for encouraging us and giving us advice!

Just like your own colors are distinct, I think the music you like would be different too. Do you have a role model?

Sunggyu > Justin Timberlake: I like sexy music.

Woohyun > Stevie Wonder: When I listen to Stevie Wonder’s muisc, I feel like I’m looking at his life.

Dongwoo > Busta Rhymes / Ludacris: They’re rappers and I really like this low-pitched, husky voiced style!

Hoya > Usher / Chris Brown: I usually like African-American music and I want to make my musicality and performances perfect like them.

Sungyeol > Michael Jackson: The Prince of Pop!!! I want to be acknowledged worldwide.

L > DBSK: DBSK seniors ^^ They’re the ones who created my dream of being a singer!

Sungjong > Michael Jackson: The Prince of Pop. I want to model myself after how he captures the audience through his stage performance, gestures, and expressions.

What kind of singers do you want to be in the future towards the public?

Sunggyu > While actively promoting our title song, ‘Be Mine’, we plan to show many sides of ourselves! I hope we can be remembered as singers who always let everyone hear good music. I ask for a lot of love~

Woohyun > I want to do music that I can always do by the public’s side. We’ll always approach everyone with a bright and energetic side. Don’t be burdened and watch over us please!

Dongwoo > We’ll maximize the emotional side to the song and will show more angled performances on stage! We plan to promote ‘Be Mine’ and other songs on the album through music broadcasts, radios, and in foreign countries as well.

Hoya > I want to do music that has my own color where the public can always feel something. We’ll show amazing performances in the future!

Sungyeol > Music and group dancing, I want to last as a perfect group that doesn’t lack in anything!

L > I want to inform the public about Infinite’s seven charms. So that it can be like ‘Infinite!’ and not ‘Infinite?’!

Sungjong > Just like our name, Infinite, we’ll show sides of ourselves that infinitely improves gradually!

Tell us about the song from Infinite’s songs that you want fans to listen to the most.

Sunggyu > Hysterie: It’s a song where the punky rhythm is cool. It’s one of the styles that I like.

Woohyun > Voice of My Heart: It’s a song with our hearts in it.

Dongwoo > Tic Toc: I want to let them listen to it because it’s the song with a really clean style and dramatic mood.

Sungyeol > Tic Toc: I picked Tic Toc as well~ It has a similar feeling with ‘Wings’, from our 1st mini album. I personally prefer a song with a dreamy feeling like this!

Hoya > Crying (Infinite H Feat. Baby Soul): I recommend this song. It’s a really good song if you listen to it on a rainy day or a sad day.

L > Nothing’s Over: Everyone, it’s not the end yet~

Sungjong > Come Back Again: Our debut song, ‘Come Back Again’! Come back, come back~~~

Please introduce the song with a special meaning that guided you in becoming a singer.

Sunggyu > Sexy Love – Ne-Yo: I watched the music video to this song one day and a shock with a lot of feelings, came to me. So from that day on, I started liking R&B~

Woohyun > Day – Kim Beomsoo: I listened to it for the first time when I was younger and it was really an amazing song, to the point where it almost came as a shock to me. The person who allowed me to like ballads at a young age was Kim Beomsoo senior!

Dongwoo > Never Ending Story – Boohwal: Our homeroom teacher played us this song during lunch time when I was in my 6th year of elementary school. It was a big shock. The song that made even a child feel a longing!

Hoya > Ice Box – Omarion: As I watched the music video, I fell deep for the African-American music and hip-hop dancing. Afterwards, I danced daily to this song.

Sungyeol > Because You’re My Woman – Lee Seungki: I remember only listening to this song when I was younger..!

L > I Lived By Your Side For a Short While – Toy: It was a song where I was able to feel genuineness when I listened to it for the first time^^

Sungjong > Ben – Michael Jackson: While practicing to this song, I created my dream of becoming a singer! ^^*

CREDITS: Cyworld Music (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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