{NEWS} 110817 – Infinite “The Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony That Should Have Been Done Earlier, Stayed Up for 3 Days”

The group, Infinite, revealed their overwhelming reactions to having a fanclub inauguration ceremony after 1 year since their debut.

Before Infinite’s official fanclub inauguration ceremony opened on the afternoon of the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Park Dome Art Hall, they had a press conference and revealed, “For the fanclub inauguration ceremony that should have been done earlier, we stayed up for 3 days.”

On this day, Infinite’s members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong all had tense expressions on their faces and showed nervous sides in having an official meeting with their fans. Woohyun said, “After today, we become one family with our fans.”

Leader Sunggyu showed his hopes by saying, “I want to communicate with the fans through this performance. Since we prepared various stages, I hope the fans like it a lot.” And L added, “To show a perfect side to ourselves, we had to stay up for a couple of days since we prepared late. Since we put effort into it, watch over us.”

Dongwoo expressed his thankful heart to fans who constantly supported them for a year since their debut. “I’m thankful because they noticed each and every expression we made on stage and enjoyed it for a year.” And showed his happy heart by saying, “I’m happy because I can show you a sexy girl group dance, which was my wish.”

The 7 members of Infinite, who had a successful debut through ‘Come Back Again’ in June of 2010, were picked out as the ‘Group Dancing Idols’ because they danced as if they were one person. After promoting with ‘BTD’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’, Infinite revealed the title song, ‘Be Mine’, of their first official album ‘Over the Top’ and started active promotions.

Meanwhile, Infinite plans to hold a concert in Osaka, Japan in September and officially debut in Japan in November with ‘BTD’.

CREDITS: Seoul News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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