{NEWS} 110818 INFINITE’s L hints about a special someone at fanclub inauguration

On August 17th, INFINITE finally held their official fanclub inauguration for ‘Inspirits‘ at the Dom Art Hall in Neungdong Children’s Park!

The boys not only performed their hit tracks, but they also engaged in honest talk sessions with their fans.

Leader Sunggyu began by saying, “We’re all so moved to have an official fanclub just a year into our debut. We’ll be promoting in Japan in October, so we hope to win #1 on a music program before then.  It was because of all of our fans that we were able to grow and improve this much. We’re all so proud to have such a strong support base, so please keep looking forward to our growth.”



Hosted by MC Park Kyung Lim, the boys also sat down for a round of questions. When asked about their ideal types, member L replied with a shy smile, “I actually have an ideal type in one of the girl groups currently promoting today. A hint is that she’s in a five member girl group. They also won #1.”


Once fans began to show their discontent with his answer, so he quickly added, “But of course, my love is all of my fans.”


INFINITE went on to perform “Be Mine“, “Before the Dawn“, “Come Back“, girl group parodies, and individual stages consisting of raps and ballads. Since it’s their first ever fanclub event, the boys touched their fans by continually thanking them for their support.






4 Comments on “{NEWS} 110818 INFINITE’s L hints about a special someone at fanclub inauguration”

  1. yannepark says:

    oh my.. L being greasy like woohyun :p
    girl group still promotion with 5 member? i’m anxious about that :D (wondering the group)
    looking forward for their japan’s debut and also the Be Mine repackaged ^^*

  2. i think L is talking about Amber from f(x) ^^

  3. LKIM says:

    i think, that was wrong translation, if GB 5 member currently promoting and got chart #1, theres no one. Coz now GB on promoting is 4 member, and now chart full of SJ.
    If it said ”recently” i guess it was totally f(x), and im pretty sure, she was Krystal. Coz it so imposible, Amber, coz L said the girl has long wavy hair, amber is short hair anyway… LOL
    Im MyungStal shipper btw xDD

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