{NEWS} 110818 – Infinite, In the Middle of Demonstrating for ‘Redemption of Cultural Assets’? “Cultural Assets ‘Be Mine’ From Now On~”

Infinite participated in the ‘2011 Elite’s Nation Love Culture Asset Protection Camp’.

The school uniform company, Elite, came together with the Community Chest of Korea and sponsored it. This camp took place at the National Museum of Korea where the royal ‘Uigwe’ books, that were returned to Korea after 145 years, are displayed and they started demonstrating to bring back the cultural assets that were sent out to foreign nations.

Along with 50 children all around the nation, Infinite held a card sectioning and picket sign demonstration for the redemption of cultural assets. With the slogan of, “Please return our cultural assets.”, they held banners that were translated in Japanese, French, English and etc. for the major countries holding Korea’s cultural assets and demonstrated for the redemption of their cultural assets.

Along with this, Infinite spent a fun time with them by giving out signed CDs to the kids and taking pictures with them. On this day, Infinite thought about the importance of our nation’s cultural assets one more time and gave warm love to the neglected children, having a cheerful time at this meaningful and important event.

Infinite members revealed, “We’re proud to have been able to participate in such a meaningful event.” Adding on, “The kids we did this seem to be really cute and innocent. It was fun to go back to this kind of innocence with them.”

As “Elite’s Nation Love Camp” reaches its 7th one this year, they will be giving 100 won for every uniform sold to the ‘Historical Culture Camp’ to show kids who are neglected easily by their family and in society, ‘Nation’s Love, Neighbor’s Love’. This will start on August 17th at the National Museum of Korea and will end on August 19th, lasting for 3 days and 2 nights at Kanghwa-do.

CREDITS: Good Day (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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