{NEWS} 110818 – Son Hoyoung, High Praises for Infinite “Idols who are certain of their own color”

Son Hoyoung from the group, G.O.D, gave high praise to Infinite.

Son Hoyoung attended a news discussion for the cable channel SBS E!TV’s ‘K-STAR News’ on the 18th at Seoul Yangchun-gu, Mokdong’s Broadcast Meeting Hall and talked about his feelings on becoming an MC and his different affection towards junior idol groups.

Through our nation’s idols who promoted in Japan, he picked Infinite as the one to receive the most attention and praised them by saying, “I feel that they’re certain of their own colors. I heard that their popularity is amazing, so I hope that they can continue to do well.”

He continued on to give an encouraging message, “Along with Infinite, most of the singers who are promoting overseas are my juniors. Because I go to many Japanese performances, I know better than anyone else how much trouble they’re going through.”

‘K-STAR News’ is an entertainment program that will mainly focus on telling you news about Hallyu stars who are currently promoting overseas, and Son Hoyoung is co-emceeing it with actress Yoo Yeonji.

Son Hoyoung expressed his first impression of his partner, Yoo Yeonji by adding, “Since this is the first time I’m emceeing with a female MC, I was slightly nervous but Yoo Yeonji’s personality is cheerful, so I liked that.” He also added on a compliment, “Along with her face being pretty, she has the ability to make people feel comfortable.”

Following this, Yoo Yeonji replied back, “I’m the one receiving a lot of help from Son Hoyoung.” Adding on, “Just as this is my first time emceeing, I shall do my best to learn it well.”

Meanwhile, ‘K-STAR News’ is having its first broadcast on the 19th and Jung Eunpyo’s son, Jung Jiwoong, from SBS ‘Star Junior Show’ will be entering as a regular on the panel.

CREDITS: Seoul News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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