{NEWS} 110826 Infinite’s Sungjong, Transforms Into ‘Bunny Sungjong’ — Adorable

Infinite’s member, Sungjong, transformed into a ‘bunny boy’.

This has recently been drawing attention on an internet board with the title of ‘Bunny Sungjong’. It’s a picture that he took with Go Youngwook and Kim Yongpyo, while recording for E Channel’s ‘Life or Death Situation 1%’.

In the picture, Sungjong is wearing a red sailor outfit and a bunny ears headband, emphasizing his cuteness. 

Go Youngwook, who usually shows infinite affection to Sungjong on ‘Life or Death Situation 1%’, drew attention for tightly hugging Sungjong.

Netizens showed various reactions like, “That man, Sungjong, who is prettier than women”, “It’s really cute”, “I understand Go Youngwook’s Sungjong-sickness”.

Meanwhile, Sungjong’s group, Infinite, is in the middle of actively promoting their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their official first album.

CREDITS: Donga News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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