{INTERVIEW} Inkigayo Magazine August Edition – Infinite

D-1 of their comeback stage took place at 8:00PM on July 22nd with their song ‘Be Mine.’ Infinite, who flew in from Japan, they lent their precious time despite the havoc of their packed schedule for the magazine photo shoot of <Inkigayo Magazine>. Although you could see their tired faces, they radiated the refreshing and happy viruses as if they bit into a chunk of a lemon. After being with them for 4 hours, you need no other words as you immediately think the thought, “Ah! Of course, they’re Infinite!” upon seeing them. With this one statement, it ends everything and as we exchanged a long interview, we’re able to show the perfect statements from them that we couldn’t embed in the photo shoot!

“Our concept is being sexy and full of charm, but…….being sexy is really hard. If you look at us, we look like delinquents. Yes, that’s the true concept.” (Sunggyu)

“My baby tummy which was a patent of mine disappeared suddenly one day. Our fans said my tummy then was cute, but where has it gone?” (Sungyeol)

“We share the 3 rooms in our dorm together, and Dongwoo hyung and I share a room. Like our synchronized choreography we show on stage, we’re in charge of being synchronized in doing laundry together. Tuesday and Friday is laundry time and when we miss any of these days, we can’t do our laundry.” (L)

“I like loud, bright atmospheres so when the members are tired, I often sit next to them and do aegyo and purposely joke around, asking them to play with me while saying things like “Aing~ What’s wrong~” When trying to liven up the atmosphere, ‘Namaegyo’ is the best!” (Woohyun)

“There’s a dance called ‘krumping’ which expresses anger and when I practice that by myself, I feel masculine.” (Hoya)

“I hope that Infinite can remain as the image of ‘dongsengs, oppas, dads, uncles, and boyfriends,’ an image every man can have.” (Dongwoo)

“We spent all night practicing on working on our first official album. We hope many of you give it lots of love and like the lyrics, be mine. Give it lots of love, to magnae Sungjong also~” (Sungjong)

-Editor Park Sanghee

Becoming a ‘Real Man’ – INFINITE, A Love Confession

Their dramatic change over the course of 408 days, the moment in their memories

One year ago, Infinite entered heavily armed with the next door oppa image, holding simple charms and innocence. They endured rigorous practices of 18 hours each day and showed an astounding growth from it. Like their name itself, they desire in having infinite capabilities and don’t hold back in expressing who they are, as they exude bright energy and even after having a year pass by, they are still working on it. Instead of wanting to rise to the top once amongst the infinite rivalry, they desire to slowly seep in and as time passes by, they want to become a group that makes their own groove. As they increase the temperature of their passion, they open the first chapter with ‘Over the Top.’ This is the story of seven youths spending a passionate, hot time and their eye-blinding memories and records.

A letter filled with his love

#On June 9th, 2010, the run of the youths with infinite passion and energy after having endured through a close to 2 years worth of training began. Before they even stepped foot on their debut stage, they appeared in a reality documentary program called <Infinite, You Are My Oppa> and they were a group that made sure that they were a tight group formed systematically over the years. Through that experience itself, they learned what passion and they doubled in the amount of greed they had when they released their first debut album <First Invasion>. Infinite, who experienced new things and through this, they wanted another chance and in not wanting to let go of that, they became greedy. Through the intense rivalry, they maneuvered their dynamics and were going through their growth spurt. With the group’s average age being 21, their fresh image expired and they were improving in both singing and dancing, showing off their surprising skills and presenting their hidden images one by one. Through their songs ‘Come Back Again,’ ‘She’s Back,’ ‘BTD,’ ‘Nothing’s Over,’ ‘Can U Smile,’ etc., they showed a broad range from strong and powerful stages to bright and refreshing dance numbers, making attempts to create diverse music as Infinite is able to pinpoint exactly the dramatic feel.

 #On July 21st, 2011, it is certain that there aren’t people who don’t take interest in Infinite as well as call them by Infinity 43 days after having released ‘Over the Top’ in surpassing their one year. The reason is because they are not only seeing the fruit of their labor from their efforts and passion nationwide, but throughout Asia as well since they’re a blooming group. On the past 17th and 19th, they had their first debut showcase which opened at ‘Namba 8’ in Osaka and ‘Zepp’ in Tokyo of Japan as it’s known that the tickets were sold out the day it was released for sale, classifying them as ‘Hanllyu’s latest generation idols’ in not only garnering thousands of fans, but being acknowledged by music affiliates as well. Their ‘on-point choreography’ is what allowed to show their own color and became their own specialty, as their ‘scorpion dance’ they showed in ‘BTD’ became widely known and continuing on from that in their title song for their first official album, ‘Be Mine,’ they showcase a dance move that straightens out their body in the span of 8 moves which is also known as the ‘angled dance.’ They stop every second in their practice videos to check over it and they even match the slightest angles in order to perfect one move. And this is how stubbornness and passion showed in their official first album <Over the Top> as you could see no flaws in their choreography throughout the song and that this is the result only from Infinite who displays outstanding teamwork. ‘Be Mine,’ which is a strong synthesized pop dance song, gives off the 80s European pop feel which is refined to fit the modern times, adding rich melody and theme, as well as the scratch session during the bridge performance being the highlight of sentimentalism. With each album, they deliver a diverse range of music as well as beyond-average choreography, earning the spot of ‘latest generation idols’ and to add onto that, Infinite has started promotions in Japan as they’ll be stepping foot as a group of Asia. With time passing by, these seven youths are evolving naturally as they are also pouring out their aphorism. This is their first prologue.

CREDITS: Jiwon @ infinite updates (Translations)


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