{INTERVIEW} Inkigayo Magazine August Edition – Sunggyu

Sunggyu – I’m running out of time

#Scene_1: A time to reflect back on the emotions of longing or dimness felt in past events.

Even in sound, there’s temperature. Not too hot, but not too cold either; a sound with a temperature just right will expand infinitely through space and time. Kim Sunggyu, whose voice feels the temperature of 36.5° C, is this way. For a long while, he’s increased the temperature for his passion and through his skills, he appealed with his own distinct charm and he’s able to embody the ringing in his voice more than any other instrument. With Sunggyu’s astounding ability is one of the factors that allows Infinite to rise and grow at a scarily rate. “We’re not really sure how much we’ve grown. First off, one thing’s for certain and that’s that we poured more passion into our official album. Compared to the album before this, the part division expanded amongst the members and we were able to contain various forms of color through our music that we weren’t able to show as a team. And now that I think about it, it does seem like we did grow, no? there are pros to this, as well as a lot of disappointing factors.”

As a leader and the team’s eldest hyung (23 years old), he felt the most pressure and responsibility more than anyone else as he wanted to show things that he couldn’t have before, but also not wanting to throw away the anticipation of the public, dealing with the worries of “How to unravel all of this” repeatedly. Instead of wanting to show a drastic change of color, all he wanted was to show the constant music style that Infinite has built, an ‘Infinite type’ of music with the addition of embodying an alpha male. “The image we wanted to present this time wasn’t too light or heavy, but right about in the middle. If it’s too heavy, then there may be too much of a negative response and if it’s too light, it can easily be overlooked. I want to hear things along the lines of ‘It has a nice feel to it’ from anyone who comes across it and through this album, I want to show that we’re reaching towards infinity gradually like our name.” By practicing their rigorous dance practice of 18 hours, they’re able to create the perfect Infinite they are on stage. Because all seven members are always together, they’re able to be synchronized but due to the pack schedules of each individual member, the time they have to match choreographies is not a lot, so Infinite does hit obstacles from time to time. “It’s the most perfect when all seven members are together but due to individual members having their own schedules, we did face obstacles. However, we try to find even the littlest bit of time and even if we have schedules the next day, we spend all night practicing hard. I think difficult situations like those help Infinite become one and whenever I heard things like, “Infinite really fits well with one another, whether it’s dancing or anything else, they shine when they’re together,” I feel good and proud as a leader and hyung.

“Past moments that I miss…is spending time with family. After graduating high school, I lived away from my family starting at the age of twenty and after three years passed by, I began to slowly think about how I should have treated my family better…if I knew I wouldn’t be able to see them often and contact them often now, then I wouldn’t have upset them so much in the past. I feel guilty and I miss the past.”

“Even when time passes by, I want to remember ‘Infinite’ of today as something that was the brightest moment of my life. Because we spent our youth together as well as make our footsteps into music together; inside Infinite, we were able to cross beyond the line of rivaling each other…I want to remember it as the greatest moment of Kim Sunggyu’s life. Adding onto that, I want people to think, “They’re a group who makes fairly good music, music that I’m still not tired of after listening to it even now.” There are old songs to this day that sound good. When time passes by, I want to become that kind of Infinite.”

 I’m not sure how to say this, but I think I’m slowly growing on finding my own place. Confined in the fence called ‘Infinite,’ I’m finding my own place and being together with one another, I think I’m naturally learning other methods as well. My growth is determined by the methods I learn in the changes.

Whatever the seven of us think, whether it being right in the beginning of our debut or even now, what remains the same is that we make time for the members to ‘talk’ with one another. Dilemmas, feelings of hurt, and worries, we all gather together and talk about what we’ve been keeping in. To be honest, there’s just too much difficulty for me to keep in certain things with the personality I have. That’s why we tend to have a dilemma over it together, and I tend to listen often to the advices my dongsengs give (laughter).

Retro feel = manliness= confidence. When the lyrics of ‘Be Mine’ were out, I recorded the guide version and I had a deep impression of the lyrics and melody. The question of, “Be Mine, okay?” is a counter-question and honestly, I thought it was manly. In hearing the complete version, I was reminded of a scene in the movie <Sunny>. The European beat dance and melody that swept away the mid-80s felt somewhat similar (to our song).

As an artist, we upgraded a notch and music-wise, we filled out official album with maturity so look out for it!

I feel that… ‘Because’ being my first solo song I’ve sung, it’s an honor itself to be able to let others listen to only my voice and it has a big meaning behind it. The bassist of Nell, Junghoon hyung who I’ve always respected, wrote the song and throughout the recording, I felt the need to do well and of course there was pressure, as I can only see the disappointing parts in my eyes but it’s truly a overwhelming feeling I can’t explain in words (laughter). While recording the song, I would listen to it and listen again once it was mastered; I worked hard in coming out of the fixed formality I was confined in, in order to show a new type of voice.

Sunggyu, A True Story

“What first drew my interest into a thing called music was rock music, and it holds a lot of meaning to me.” I was a vocalist in the 10th band group-sound ‘Beat’ of Jeonbook Private High School. At the time, I thought it was truly charming to be able to make a sound from instruments. So when I was in high school, I lived in rock music only. I want to thank ‘rock music’ for giving an average boy with an average dream the interest in music. “I thank my dongsengs who always level with me and give me advice.” Even with the slightest mistake, we gather together to talk and often times punishing one another. We point out each others’ mistakes harshly and I thank my dongsengs who always follow my word and advice, as well as feel sorry to them. “Thank you always, guys!”

Sunggyu, The Moment He Loves

If I have a person I love… I can’t say things like ‘I miss you,’ ‘I like you,’ and ‘I love you’ well (laughter). Instead, I’m the type to say that I love them before I go to bed. Also, whenever I miss them, I think I tend to say ‘I miss you’ a lot. I’m not half-hearted since I do express how I feel.

‘Be Mine, okay?’ I think I like someone who is cute, but also someone who has a bit of an odd side to them. Outside, they appear as perfect with no flaws but on the inside, they hold a different side to them; I think I’m attracted to someone who has a ‘twist’ to them. A person I’ve liked before also had that kind of aura and at times, I would really think, “I want to make them mine.”


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