{NEWS} 110903 – Infinite, We Asked What They Did After Winning First Place Since Debut…

Infinite won first place for the first time since debuting on September 1st at Mnet M! Countdown.

Getting this result after about a year since their debut date of June 2010, Infinite’s members showed touching tears and enjoyed the happy moment.

In a meeting with a reporter on September 2nd at KBS2 Music Bank’s waiting room, Infinite showed a smile and said, “After finishing the broadcast, the members had a simple celebration together.”

Infinite talked about what happened afterwards, “Since we needed to prepare for Music Bank’s stage, we had to come to the practice room after finishing the broadcast.” And added, “So after having a simple celebration with the members, we practiced again for 3 hours.”

To the reporter’s question of, ‘Were there any good signs before you won 1st place?’, Infinite’s members answered in chorus, “There were actually bad happenings.” Sungyeol added, “I have a stomachache so it’s really troubling”, “Seems like it’s a sign for us to become better”.

Meawhile, Infinite is showing powerful choreography through their title song, ‘Be Mine’, and is rising up in popularity.

CREDITS: TV Daily (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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