{INTERVIEW} 110903 – Infinite, First Time Winning 1st Place After a Year Since Debut, “Still Dazed”

Boy group, Infinite, talked about their touched thoughts about being on the top on a music program for the first time since their debut.

Infinite got their first 1st place award with the first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine’, on September 1st at Mnet M! Countdown. This is their valuable result after a year.

Infinite released their album on July 20th and reached the top after around 45 days. With their patented ‘angled choreography’ and refined style as their priority, they’ve been gaining popularity.

The members, who heard the good news, started to shed hot tears and gave their thankful words to Star News. Leader Sunggyu was touched and said, “It was really a day with the best moment. I was the most tense at that time than I ever have been before, so I couldn’t think at all.”

Following this, they said their thanks, “We kept checking if we really were 1st place and we’ll become an Infinite that continues to improve. We thank everyone and we love you.”

Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and Hoya thought about the moment where the members were called for 1st place.

Dongwoo said, “When I watched from behind as other singers get 1st place, I was only envious. But once we were placed on the candidates, I was so nervous and tense that I couldn’t think of anything.” And added, “Times that were tough were flashing through my mind along with our families and once we saw fans crying, we started crying endlessly.”

Sungyeol said, “I couldn’t believe it when they said we were first on stage. Once I came off the stage and looked at the prize, I started remembering about all the tough things we’ve been through and started crying.” Hoya showed his touched feelings, “After 1st place was revealed, I was so happy that I started to smile. Then I started thinking about the hard times and tears started to come out without me knowing. I’m really happy because I feel like I’m finally starting my dream.”

They didn’t forget their thanks towards fans.

Woohyun said, “I couldn’t believe it because it was my first 1st place in my life. I was blanked out to the point that I didn’t even know tears were coming out of my eyes.” Sungjong added, “I was confused whether it was reality or if it was a dream. All the hard times were passing by like a scanner. And it has a big meaning that after 1 year, our 1st official album got 1st place. I’m thankful to the fans.”

L, who is currently promoting as a lead in a Japanese drama, said, “Honestly, I still can’t believe it. When I found out we were 1st place, I kept saying ‘Really?’ and thought about the time I was with all the members for the first time.”

Their first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine, is a fierce synth-pop dance song by the famous producers, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo from ‘Sweetune’, who created KARA’s hit songs. It’s a song that gives a unique feeling because the light melody and angled choreography differ from each other, but fit well.

Infinite’s ‘angled choreography’ is the main thing that created their own team’s color. Continuing from sharp moves of the ‘scorpion dance’ from ‘BTD’, they showed the ‘protractor dance’ this time. The members dominate the stage with unified moves that seem like they were measured out perfectly.

Infinite, who debuted last June with ‘Come Back Again’, starting growing with many hit songs like ‘She’s Back’, ‘BTD’, and ‘Nothing’s Over’. Infinite, who rose to the top with ‘Be Mine’, is getting ready for Japanese promotions.

CREDITS: Money Today Star News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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