{NEWS} 110906 INFINITE models for ‘EDIQ’

INFINITE is climbing high after their first win on ‘M! Countdown’ last week, as the group has just signed modeling contracts with European low-casual brand, ‘EDIQ‘!

The group completed their F/W photoshoot with the brand last month with various styles catered to each members’ charms.  Despite the sweltering heat, the boys made no complaints about having to stand around in several layers of clothing for hours at a time, earning the praise of staff members on set.

Fans commented, “Guess I know what I’m buying for my fall closet”, “INFINITE’s charms are spreading!”, “Time to rise as model idols!”, and “They’re definitely the trend, they’re calling out for even the CFs to ‘be mine’!”

CREDITS: W Star News via Naver (Source + Photos); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


One Comment on “{NEWS} 110906 INFINITE models for ‘EDIQ’”

  1. dee says:

    hohoho..woohyun n sunjong looks so cute here..

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