{NEWS} 110907 Infinite and other artists on Mnet’s first ‘RT M! Countdown’

The show began with a brief look at what went on before the show with INFINITE, G.NA, MBLAQ, Nine Muses, and TEEN TOP. In addition, TEEN TOP gave an informal interview on their thoughts about “Don’t Spray Perfume” and their ideal girl types. During the short interview conducted with MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, he promised a hand kiss during their “I Don’t Know” performance, as a present for their international audience. As promised, he did indeed perform the hand kiss during their stage.

‘RT M! Countdown’ also counted down their favorite 5 K-pop dance performances of 2011.  5th through 2nd place were chosen for their addictive dance moves that were easy to follow. 1st place was given to the group who had a difficult routine that only people with stamina could accomplish.

5th place: 4minute – “Mirror Mirror”

4th place: T-ara – “Roly Poly”

3rd place: B2ST – ”Fiction”

2nd place: Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”

1st place: miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

Mnet then revealed one more group, stating, “This dance was so difficult that we couldn’t even recommend it to you until now”. This group turned out to be none other than INFINITE, whose ‘scorpion dance’ from “BTD” was described as, “The hardest choreography out of all the 2011 K-Pop dance performances”.

G.NA’s comeback stage for “Top Girl” was also included along with a brief interview on how she felt about her comeback performance.

This episode of RT M! Countdown was brought to a close with INFINITE’s 1st place win and an interview with them backstage. Congratulations, INFINITE!

Check out the video below the cut!

CREDITS: Mnet @ YouTube (Video); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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