{NEWS} 110909 – ‘Trending-dol’ Infinite, winning 1st place and moving ‘Goal achieved!’

As Infinite got first, they’re changing dorms.

Through a phonecall with OSEN and the concerned part, they declared that they’re “Putting the house (their current dorm) on sale” and “The dorm they’ll move in is a new apartment. They’re happy to leave”. It is said that the members can’t hide their joy.

One year after their debut, Infinite won 1st place on Mnet ‘M!Countdown’ for 2 weeks straight becoming Trend-dols. They’re right now receiving tons of requests from all the music and broadcasting programs.

Infinite’s dorm is already famous amongst fans. Infinite’s dorm, that’s located in Mangwon, is a common 2 story house that’s getting a bit old, Infinite has been living there from their trainee days. It was also shown on broadcasts. Its appearance may look a bit worn out but to the fans it’s already a place they’re attached to.

Infinite told a funny episode during their interview with OSEN “When you’re talking with the members in the house, the fans can hear all of it”.

Infinite’s company promised that if they were 1st on a music program, they were going to change dorms, so the members got strength from wanting to achieve that goal. And Infinite finally realised that dream.

CREDITS: OSEN (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)


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