{NEWS} 110927 INFINITE continues their uptrending popularity with “Paradise”

INFINITE, who has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity lately and referred to as ‘trend-idols’, is forewarning an all-kill in the music industry with the release of their new song,“Paradise”.

On September 26th, INFINITE’s 1st repackaged album was released with 10 tracks from the original 1st official album and 3 new tracks – bringing up the total to 13 exciting songs that are sure to capture the hearts of music fans. With the release of the album, “Paradise” reached 2nd on Mnet, 1st on Olleh Music, 2nd on Soribada, 1st on Cyworld, and 2nd on Bugs Music.

“Paradise” is the work of the famous producer duo team, Sweetune (Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo), they’ve created yet another addictive song for INFINITE.

“Paradise” removes an excessive use of synthesizer, while incorporating the use of guitar and base, and the supporting harmony of the strings produce a grand, yet edgy melody that has already gained much interest.

In addition, in “Cover Girl”, INFINITE’s characteristic robust and bright personalities can be felt through the refreshing pop song. Member Sungyeol showcases his rapping skills for the first time, and joins in on the Hoya and Dongwoo rapper line. The harmony of  Sungyeol and Dongwoo’s rap make up the sentimental points of the song.

With their 1st win on a music program after a year since their debut, with their 1st official album, and record breaking sales for their sold out Japan concerts – INFINITE has definitely proved themselves worthy of their ‘trend-idols’ nickname. With “Paradise”, they will continue their popularity to reach their peak.

Through the teaser photos and music video revealed for this new album, their stylish charisma is evident by their facial expression to the looks in their eyes. Anticipation and interest are rising for their stage performances that will go along with the new track.

Fans commented, “INFINITE’s music never disappoints,” “Paradise has me addicted after hearing the song once,” “I think this Fall will be colored with INFINITE’s ‘Paradise’.”

INFINITE will start their promotions for their repackaged album this week.

CREDITS: Naver, Newsen (Sources); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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