{NEWS} 110928 INFINITE’s Woohyun reveals the real story behind their tears on ‘Strong Heart’

INFINITE‘s Woohyun guested on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart’ and revealed the real story behind his tears during their emotional 1st win on a music program.

Woohyun first caught the attention of the MCs, Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong, with the title of his story, ‘Be My House” (a spin off the title of their hit song, “Be Mine”). He shocked everyone on the set when he revealed that the dorm they had lived in since their trainee days had actually been the home of the CEO of Woollim Entertainment. Even though the house may have been big enough for the CEO at the time, the CEO then brought in 12 trainees to live with him, which at one point brought the total up to 13 people living under one roof.

Woohyun revealed that the house was far from luxurious like one would think, with it being the home of the CEO of an entertainment company. There was no front entry way so even if they opened the door slightly, fans could peek into the whole house, which caused some problems when the members would be walking around in their underwear. Woohyun also revealed problems they would face with various weather conditions such as the heater breaking down, or rain seeping into the house and causing the wall paper to peel and pieces of cement to come off.

The CEO negotiated with the members that he would change their dorms if they were able to place top 3 in a music program with “Be Mine”. Woohyun stated, “But when we came back, we had to face off against sunbaes like T-ara, 2NE1, miss A, and Super Junior. Really tough competition… so we wondered if we could really place in the top 3. But finally last week, we achieved 1st place!! We were so incredibly happy and ended up sobbing uncontrollably on stage.”

Woohyun couldn’t hold back his excitement as he revealed some details about their new dorm, “From what I heard, we have marble floors in the living room, there are two bathrooms, there’s an elevator, and there’s even a front door man and security guard who can receive our packages for us!!” – causing everyone on set to cheer.

To bring a close to his talk segment, Woohyun held a special dance stage as a member of the 2nd generation of ‘Boom Academy’, with the current members Boom, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk.

CREDITS: Allkpop (Source); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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