{NEWS} 111115 INFINITE’s Sungjong reveals their new luxurious dorm on ‘Strong Heart’

Back in September INFINITE member Woohyun revealed INFINITE’s less than stellar living conditions on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

He said that they lived in a worn out place where water leaked from the roof and they had mold on their walls. Their company’s president promised he would move the boys to a better home if they won 1st place in the music charts, which they did with the track “Be Mine“.

On November 15th’s episode of ‘Strong Heart’, INFINITE’s Sungjong appeared on the show and stated, “After INFINITE won 1st place for ‘Be Mine’, our company’s president (kept his promise) and moved us to a new luxurious dorm”.

With that he revealed a video comparing their old and new dorm. The INFINITE members were all smiles proudly showing off their new modern dorm, equipped with a security system along with a large, clean, and very spacious living area. SNSD‘s Yoona and Tiffany also congratulated and complimented the boys on their hard work.

After seeing the video Netizens commented, “Congratulations on moving”, “You’ve become a mainstream number 1 idol”, “Wow a house full of guys are so clean”.

CREDITS: TVReport (Source + Photos); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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