{NEWS} 111118 INFINITE members take care of three puppies

On the November 19th episode of KBSFreedom Declaration Saturday – Birth of a Family‘, the INFINITE members passed the auditions required to earn themselves a new pet family.

Along with the ladies of A Pink, INFINITE overcame the fierce competition which consisted of MBLAQSECRET, and the GAG Concert comedians. However, the INFINITE boys were able to triumph and become the temporary guardians of three new puppies.

2-month old Baekgoo, Hwanggoo, and Heukgoo were physically abused by their previous owner, but were saved when the village citizens reported the case to the authorities.

The INFINITE members who met the young pups after Shin Bong Sun intruded into their new dormitory were smitten at first sight. Although the dogs were afraid to get close to the members, they still stole the hearts of the INFINITE boys who worked hard to become their guardians.

The puppies remembering the previous owner’s abuse took some time before they eventually warmed up to INFINITE and were even able to fall asleep while being embraced by the members.

The episode also features the A-Pink members who frantically tried to cover their makeup-less faces when Boom suddenly intruded into their dormitory.

CREDITS: TVDaily via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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