{NEWS} 111121 Photo of Taeyeon spotted in INFINITE’s dorm

INFINITE‘s love for SNSD Taeyeon is true after all!

The November 19th episode of KBS 2TVSaturday Freedom-Family Ties‘ featured INFINITE‘s dorm.

On this day, gag woman, Shin Bong Sun raided their residence and performed a thorough investigation of the area.  However, what caught the attention of eagle eyed netizens was a picture of SNSD member Taeyeon!  A double-deck bed stood behind the gag woman and a photo of Taeyeon stuck out between the mat and the bed.

After the screen shot spread on the internet like wildfire, netizens were finally able to locate the exact same photo of Taeyeon.  Netizens commented, “As expected, Taeyeon’s charms are unavoidable“, “Which member does that bed belong to?“, and “I heard that Taeyeon unnie also likes Infinite“.

In related news, Taeyeon recently revealed that she has her eyes on INFINITE these days through Choi Hwa Jung‘s ‘Power Time‘.

CREDITS: Star News (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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