{INTERVIEW} 111227 Popolo Magazine – February 2012 Issue

<Ranking In Between Members>

Q1. Who is the most playful member?

Q2. Who is the sexiest member?

Q3. Who is the manliest member?

Q4. Who is the cutest member?

Q5. Who is the kindest member?

Q6. Who speaks the best among the members?


1. Birthday, Blood type

2. Favorite stew type food

3. Ideal type of woman


Sunggyu (Main Vocal)

I’m the leader 

1. 1989.4.28. Blood type: A

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Soybean paste jjigae/stew

3. Someone who’s cute, sexy, and who’s smiling looks are charming

Q1. Dongwoo – Dongwoo has a lively and bright personality. He’s good at jokes and really likes to kid around. But even so, the loud one is still Woohyun.

Q2. Sungjong – His face style is sexy too. Everyone says this so I think it’s at a point where I don’t have to explain myself!

Q3. Sunggyu – When we received 1st place on a music broadcast, all the other members cried, but I didn’t cry once.

Q4. Sungjong – When you look at him, he looks like a puppy. When the members are tired, he talks to us and says, ‘Gain strength and work hard!’

Q5. Sungyeol – When I see how he treats fans, I think that he’s a kind kid. He either talks to them or reads their letters.

Q6. Sunggyu – Rather than being good, I just work hard at it. Because I’m the leader, there are many chances to talk in places like interviews.


Dongwoo (Main Rapper)

My charming eyes are my source of pride ♪

1. 1990.11.22. Blood type: A

2. Gopchang stew (T/N: Gopchang is either pork or beef intestines)

3. My type is someone who can work various types of hairstyles.

Q1. Sungyeol – No matter what, he likes playing around! From when he wakes up in the morning till when he sleeps at night, he starts with jokes and ends with jokes (laughter).

Q2. Hoya – If it’s sexiness, I would think it to be HOya. The dance he shows on stage is manly and very sexy.

Q3. Sungyeol – Sungyeolie is a instinctive man (laughter). Although he has a playful side, his actions and words are the manliest of men.

Q4. Sungjong – Sungjong’s absolute aegyo is in his nature! It shakes the hearts of hyungs and he’s a maknae that you can’t help but love.

Q5. L – L always takes care of parts that we can’t take care of or tells us how to stay organized.

Q6. Sunggyu – Should I say that he likes talking? He knows the members’ personalities well so he’s good at bringing us up. He’s good at telling stories too!


L (Vocal)

I really like udon ♡

1. 1992.3.13. Blood type: O

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Boodae jjigae/stew (T/N: a stew with various things like ramen noodles, kimchi, ham, etc.), Kalbi soup, Seolleongtang (T/N: A cloudy stock made with beef and noodles are added in later)

3. I like an innocent woman with soft, long hair ♪

Q1. Sungyeol – He’s the bright and playful mood setter. It’s cute how he says, ‘A-ik, a-ik’ when he’s in a difficult position.

Q2. Sunggyu – The stare he gives to the camera on stage is sexy. He has a charm that seems like it’ll suck in people. Also, he’s playful as well!

Q3. Hoya – This is something we talk about often among friends as well. Because he’s from Busan, he has the image of a manly man who doesn’t talk much.

Q4. Sungjong – The biggest reason is because he’s the maknae. He isn’t shy and is sociable even to people he just met.

Q5. Dongwoo – He laughs very often. Because he gives off a sense of stability, I can comfortable approach him. He gives off a feeling that you can easily become friends with him.

Q6. Sunggyu, Woohyun – Sunggyu hyung is good at talking. Woohyun hyung sets the mood at there (laughter)


Sungjong (Vocal)

I’m the cute maknae character

1. 1993.9.3. Blood type: A

2. Boodae jjigae/stew (T/N: a stew with various things like ramen noodles, kimchi, ham, etc.)

3. I like a bright and fun personality♡

Q1. Sungyeol – Sungyeolie hyung always plays around with me. Because it happens so suddenly, there are times when I really do get surprised (laughter).

Q2. Hoya – There’s a dance called the pelvic dance in ‘Paradise’, but Hoya hyung is the sexiest dancing it ♪

Q3. L – I think that Myungsoo hyung is manly. Along with his mood, he has a fierce charisma.

Q4. Dongwoo – Dongwoo hyung is the 2nd oldest, but he’s cute because he has aegyo. Along with that, he acts like a child often.

Q5. Dongwoo – He’s the “mom” of INFINITE. He even scolds us sometimes like a mom, so I think that he’s the kindest.

Q6. Sunggyu, Hoya – The stories that these two tell are sensible and they don’t go below the standard level either. Along with that, it’s funny too!


Woohyun (Main Vocal)

I’m in charge of being cute♡

1. 1991.2.8. Blood type: B

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Boodae jjigae/stew (T/N: a stew with various things like ramen noodles, kimchi, ham, etc.)

3. My favorite type is everyone ☆

Q1. Sunggyu – He likes making fun of the younger members. He brings out the members’ embarrassing, old stories of~ten and embarrasses us.

Q2. Sungjong – He’s good at dancing and is flexible too. He dances the sexiest. The stare he gives to the camera is sexy too.

Q3. Hoya – There’s no reason, but I think that he’s manly. Especially when he’s working out, he looks really good!

Q4. Sungjong – He has aegyo. It’s to the point where I unconsciously want to play around with him! Even when he says ‘Stop it now!’ with aegyo, it’s cute.

Q5. Dongwoo – Because of his bright personality, his personal relations are good. It doesn’t matter if they’re a male or female; he approaches everyone kindly and softly.

Q6. Sunggyu – He talks so much to the point where it’s loud (laughter)! But I can’t stop him because he’s the leader. I just keep on listening (laughter).


Sungyeol (Vocal) 

I’m the playful one ♪

 1. 1991.8.27. Blood type: B

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Soybean paste jjigae/stew

3. A woman who’s cute, definite, and has a brilliant smile.

Q1. Woohyun – He’s someone who throws something out there and sees if it’s funny or not. But……… There’s a lot of times where it’s not funny.

Q2. Sungjong – His outer look is sexy and his overall pose is sexy as well. His movements are sexy and everything is sexy.

Q3. Sunggyu – He’s leader-like, leads the members well, and takes care of everyone’s problems. He’s kind as well.

Q4. Sungjong – He doesn’t seem to know what fear is because he’s the type to not back down because of anyone and tries to become friends with them. He can become friends with everyone in 5 minutes!

Q5. Dongwoo – He’s the type to accept everything even when you joke around. He always has on a brightly smiling face and he’s truthful to the point of being a fool.

Q6. Sunggyu – No matter what, he’s really good at speaking. No matter what the story is about, even if it’s a short story, he can pull in the person with his sensible, good skills at talking.


Hoya (Rap & Dance & Vocal)

I’m the best dancing machine!

1. 1991.3.28. Blood type: AB

2. Soybean paste jjigae/stew

3. I like a woman whose smiling face is cute and charming.

Q1. Dongwoo – If you say the playful one, it would be Dongwoo. He’s a person whose life is a “joke” (laughter). He normally only jokes around (laughter).

Q2. Sungjong – Should I say it’s Sungjong’s style? It’s because his body line is an S-line (laughter). He’s sexy even when just standing.

Q3. Sunggyu – Of course it’s Sunggyu hyung! A leader needs charisma and I think that Sunggyu hyung has that!

Q4. Dongwoo – We take care of dogs in our dorm, but Dongwoo hyung is the cutest when imitating them (laughter)!

Q5. Sungyeol – Hmm~ Would the kindest be Sungyeolie. When there’s something going on, he immediately apologizes and I think that he knows how to be considerate of others.

Q6. Sungjong – He tells me every~thing that happens that day! So sometimes, I act like I’m listening (laughter)

CREDITS: namepjh (Japanese to Korean Translations); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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