{TRANS} L’s Character Description from ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’

Lee Hyunsoo / L

Male, 18 years old, Guitarist of Purifying Eyes (Angoo Junghwa)

“The terminator of chicness. They say he’s a multiplayer that’s loaded with skills on the guitar, singing, and dancing. But he’s a total ice prince… They say there was a kid who froze to death trying to talk to him…”

In charge of chicness for Purifying Eyes. If you anticipated a sweet personality just by looking at his good looks, you’ll be sorry. 

Hyunsoo, who’s already famous in Gaechi-dong as the ‘Ice Prince’! Although there are times where the ice prince, Hyunsoo, shows lovely flower smiles, it’s only when he’s together with his sister, who was born in his parents’ later years. 

As Byunghee enters, he feels like his childhood best friend, Jihyuk, has been taken away from him. Although everyone in the band, ‘Purifying Eyes’, is close like a family, he can’t do anything about the sad feeling that comes when even the music talks with Jihyuk are taken away by Byunghee.

Since he received the blood of his parents who are actors on evening stages, he’s perfect at singing and the guitar, but he’s currently being overshadowed by Jihyuk and Byunghee. However, Hyunsoo holds the ambition of surpassing the number one spot in the band and receiving the best honor through music. 

So while his parents are gone tonight, he tucks his younger sister to bed and continues to practice and practice to the point where blisters form.

CREDITS: Source; Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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