{INTERVIEW} 120126 Naver’s January Music Special: ‘February 2012, Their Second Invasion Starts!’

Naver’s January Music Special

February 2012, their second invasion starts! Infinite’s concert ‘SECOND INVASION’

Special | 2012 Infinite’s Concert, [SECOND INVASION]

Infinite’s own stage with infinite amounts of energy and fierce music! Infinite, who has spent the best year in 2011, is finally preparing for their first solo concert in Korea. The title for the long-awaited concert is ‘Second Invasion’. The name holds their hopes to invade the music industry a second time after their debut album, ‘First Invasion’.

Infinite, who’s called ‘group dance-dols’ for their perfectly angled group choreography, ‘trend-dols’ for getting 1st place all-kill on charts after 1 year of debuting, and after their first solo concert sold out in 10 mins, they’re about to receive the nickname of ‘sold out-dols’. We will be revealing in detail to everyone using Naver Music about their main poster filming site that took place before real preparations for the concert. There’s also a surprise mini interview with the members so don’t miss it!


Beyond | Infinite’s Poster Filming Site

Early in the morning, a group of boys walk into a poster filming site with a white background and quietly playing music. They smile and energetically yell out, “Hello.”, “Please take care of us well”. They, who upgraded the filming site’s mood a level up, don’t show the fierce charismatic side from the stage when they say “Be mine”, but show a friendly and playful group of boys.

If you’re an idol who tasted popularity at a young age, it’s possible for you to become stiff-necked, but they all showed positive sides and politely asked in detail about the concept throughout the entire filming. Just like their team name of Infinite, they held infinite amounts of charms. If you think of them, the first side of them that would come to mind would be the masculine and chic charisma concept of ‘BTD’ and ‘Be Mine’ along with the warm and cute boyish side that was the concept for ‘She’s Back’, ‘Nothing’s Over’, and the recent ‘White Confession (Lately)’. The infinite charms of Infinite, who has both of these opposite two images, were placed into the camera.

(Sunggyu’s message: Thank you – Gyu. Second Invasion!! 2012.2.11~12)

Infinite, who thinks and thinks about it when we tell them to write down a message that they want to send to their fans. When they said their ‘fans’ were ‘girlfriends’, they weren’t lying. “Give me one more piece, please~” After writing a word with great thought as if they were writing a love letter, they shyly laugh and say they’ll write it over again. You could feel the love they have for fans as the members checked each other’s messages and went deep into thought as they repeatedly rewrote everything while biting on the pen cap.


Interview | Infinite’s Mini Interview About the Concert!

Q: It seems like you guys spent the best year in 2011. Is there a moment that you remember the most?


Sunggyu: Each and every moment is important.

Dongwoo: Although each and every moment was the best moment, I think the moment when we received 1st place is the most memorable!!

Woohyun: When I went to the hospital because my knee hurt during the times we practiced the scorpion dance. But I was still proud of the scorpion dance.. ^^

Hoya: The moment I remember the most is when we had our inauguration ceremony for the 1st group of our fanclub and met Inspirits for the first time.

Sungyeol: The moment when we received our first 1st place is most memorable.

L: Our 1 year anniversary radio event that we prepared for Inspirits! It was fun and really real ㅋ

Sungjong: I remember the end-of-the-year performances from December the most. Performances that we participated in for the first time.

Q: It’s finally the first solo concert in Korea. What are Infinite’s thoughts on having your first solo concert?


Sunggyu: I’m happy. This is amazing. I will look forward to it a lot.

Dongwoo: It’s a concert that we dreamed of while watching videos before we debuted~! Although we’ve done many album promotions up till now, I want to show a different performance for the same song!

Woohyun: This is now the start, look forward to it!! Starting now is the real Infinite!

Hoya: Because it’s one of the dreams that I wanted the most as a singer, my heart is overflowing.

Sungyeol: Just as much as it is our first concert, we worked hard to prepare for this. Although I’m very nervous, I’ll do my best.

L: It will be a surprise.

Sungjong: We’ll show you another charm to Infinite. Look forward to it!

Q: It’s your first concert but the title is ‘Second Invasion’. What’s the meaning behind it?


Sunggyu: This is Infinite’s second invasion. (The first was our debut album.)

Dongwoo: If we approached people and shared tears and laughter through debuting for our first invasion, we’ll approach everyone face to face with our second invasion!!

Woohyun: The meaning that the others said.

Hoya: Our first album was the first invasion. It has the meaning that we plan to give a newer shock and touching feeling to everyone, more than before.

Sungyeol: A meaning that we’ll show a more improved side!

L: It means that we’ve been given a chance to inform about Infinite’s new start.

Sungjong: You’ll be able to see another infinite charm of Infinite.

Q: I heard that you sold out the moment concert ticketing opened. Did you think it would sell out immediately? A word for your fans who had an intense battle to reserve tickets~


Sunggyu: Thank you so much. You guys are lucky people. Because you were able to know us! ㅋㅋ

Dongwoo: I didn’t think we would sell out, but I hoped that many people would see a concert with only our songs. But to think that it was that intense… We will make it the best day!

Woohyun: You guys are winners!!

Hoya: I really didn’t even think that it would sell out immediately. Just as much as you worked hard to get that ticket, we’ll show an amazing stage so that you can be touched.

Sungyeol: I worried whether or not many people would come, so thank you. We’ll make sure you don’t regret it.

L: Everyone, I really like you!! Thank you.

Sungjong: I’ll work my hardest. I love you.

Q: What are you preparing for the concert? Are there things that you’re specially practicing or brushing up on for solo stages?


Sunggyu: Being engrossed in singing!

Dongwoo: Stages that you can happily enjoy watching have been prepared!

Woohyun: In the middle of being engrossed in dance practice.

Hoya: We’re directing a stage that we haven’t shown yet. Don’t be surprised!

Sungyeol: I’m preparing something in secret so that no one knows about it. You’ll really be surprised.

L: Hahahaha…!!

Sungjong: Anticipate it a lot.

Q: Since before debuting, was there something you always wanted to do if you had a concert?


Sunggyu: I want to get heated up as I jump around and enjoy the stage with our fans!

Dongwoo: Dominate the stage freely!

Woohyun: Jump down to the fans?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hoya: I want to make our fans cry.

Sungyeol: Ride on a wire and fly towards the audience as I come down.

L: Take a selca with Inspirits’ phones.

Sungjong: I want to enjoy it with fans as I walk around the audience.

Q: A tip to enjoy Infinite’s concert one hundred times more?


Sunggyu: Empty out your mind, prepare to enjoy it, then enter!!

Dongwoo: An undefeated way! If you want to enjoy it, be immersed in all of Infinite’s songs!

Woohyun: Don’t doubt your eyes.

Hoya: Before it starts, do plenty of stretches and warm up your throats.

Sungyeol: Just enjoy it crazily.

L: Throw yourself away, lose your mind, and enjoy it no matter what when you’re in the concert hall!

Sungjong: Scream as much as you want and feel it with your entire body!

Q: Are there cheering words that you remember the most since your promotions started?


Sunggyu: “Each and every moment is important.”

Dongwoo: “Infinite is the current trend! I disagree to you ascending into heaven! Dongwoo-yah!! Noona’s watching.”

Woohyun: “Nam Woohyun”

Hoya: “Our Hoaegi [T/N: Hobaby]!!”

Sungyeol: “Sungyeol-ah, look over here” (My eyes kept going there because of those words.)

L: Each and every banner that cheers on Infinite comes into my sight, so I only have the memory that I gain more strength when I see someone cheering us on.

Sungjong: “Yah!! Lee Sungjong” is the banner I remember ㅎㅎ

Q: ‘Second Invasion’ is planned to start soon. We ask for a coolly said declaration of war to the fans before invading them.


Sunggyu: It would be good to look forward to it. Get ready to become heated up!!

Dongwoo: I promise to make it the best day with Infinite! Promise! Promise!! Promise!!! [T/N: He’s making sounds of ‘stamping’ which is a way to say ‘I promise’]

Woohyun: Starting from now, Infinite’s going.

Hoya: Be tense!!

Sungyeol: Coming soon! Dudududu

L: Welcome to the Infinite World

Sungjong: 2012.2.11~2012.2.12. They’re coming!

CREDITS: Naver (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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