{NEWS + VIDS} 120202 INFINITE & IU’s “Elite Song” for school uniform brand ‘Elite’ will make you love school

In order to cheer on the students beginning a brand new semester, school uniform brand ‘Elite‘ recruited IU and INFINITE to sing the “Elite Song“.

The song has received much popularity and since the end of January, the song received more than 20,000 downloads. The students that downloaded the song remarked, “I feel more confident having my favorite stars cheer me on“, and “The melody is so addictive, I catch myself singing along each time I listen.”

The song’s lyrics are things students can relate to such as first day jitters, friendship, grades, first love, and more. The catchy melody is also easy to sing along to, and many students have set the song as their ringtones.

There are three versions of the song: the IU version, the INFINITE version, and a collaboration version. All three songs are available to listen to and download on Elite’s official website.

Elite’s marketing team remarked, “As a student uniform brand, we study the current trends and styles amongst students and work to offer approachable services that offer students what they need.”

Check out the tracks below the cut!

Infinite Version

Infinite and IU Version

CREDITS: HanKyung via Nate (Source); kpopidolinfinite @ YouTube (Videos); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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