{NEWS} 120222 INFINITE, IU & Verbal Jint are netizens’ choice for ’2012 KMA’!

Although the ‘2012 KMA (Korean Music Awards) will be happening one week from today, the results for the Netizens’ Choice awards were released ahead of time.

The awards ceremony will be held on February 29th, recognizing various artists in a variety of categories, a few of which will be determined by netizens’ votes.

Netizens were able to vote for their favorite female and male artist, as well as their favorite group from January 18th through February 17th.

Verbal Jintclinched the #1 spot as the netizens’ choice of male artist with 1,193 votes out of the 5,228 votes cast. Meanwhile, IU was chosen as the top female artist with 2,986 votes out of the 4,527!

As for the netizens’ favorite group, a fierce battle royale between many of the industry’s top stars fought for the title, but in the end, ‘trend idols’ INFINITE came out on top with 9,311 votes out of the 24,424 cast!

For the full list of artists nominated, check out KMA’s page.

Stay tuned for the ceremony on February 29th, and find out who else will be crowned winners!

CREDITS: KMA homepage, Newsen (Sources); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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