{NEWS} 120313 – ‘Live type Idols’ Infinite’s Live Concert

‘Live type Idols’ First solo concert’s location

Infinite’s Live Concert

The live type idols who have successfully ended their first solo concert, Infinite invites everyone to a great live performance.


2012 Infinite’s concert SECOND INVASION

Among the numerous idol groups that came out after 2000, only few will become groups that have concerts that are sold out, only one year after their debut. Starting from 2011, Infinite got into a wave of popularity, their two concerts on February 11th and 12th 2012 were sold out in only 10 minutes, the ‘Total Sold Out-Dols’ are marking the public with the destructive power of their ticket sales.

Even if it was their first solo concert, they went here and there on stage, without showing the slightest sign of nervousness, with only one concert they turned themselves into ‘Live type Idols’. Infinite, that got us used to a perfectly precise choreography took their performance to a higher level and gave us a colorful image during these two hours and a half, showing steady live skills and a fancy direction. It was a concert where they showed affectionate fanservice that can’t be seen on broadcast, exceptional solo stages, and Infinite’s members’ sincere and bold comments that caught the fan’s hearts.

Together in the concert hall during February’s concert, with the fans sweating with them and supporting them, there were also fans who couldn’t buy tickets outside of the concert hall, waiting in the cold, pacing around nervously waiting for Infinite to come back.

On April 1st, Infinite will stand again on the Olympic Sport Stadium’s stage for an ‘Encore Concert’, this name only describes the new and evolved performance they’re preparing.

[Second Invasion – Evolution]’s real hidden card is said to be the members’ solo stages that will have a 180 degrees change, we’re looking forward to the image of the 7 men coming back with a warm feeling of spring.


Live video’s songs’ introduction

1. Be Mine 

“Be Mine”, with a chorus that stays in your head and an impressive choreography allowed Infinite to be 1st on music charts. As it’s a very meaningful song to Infinite, it was the last song of the concert. It had a feeling quite different from the broadcasts, the members met the fans with casual outfits showing each personalities.

2. BTD

Wearing a black outfit rimmed with LED lights, it was a stage showing a perfectly executed and strong dance. During the intro, the lights were blue and as soon as it really started the lights turned red and yellow, emphasizing even more on their powerful choreography. We of course can’t miss ‘BTD”s dance’s point: the ‘scorpion dance’.

3. Can U Smile

The image of them starting the song and matching the fans’ breathing was impressive. The piano version of ‘Can U Smile’ fitted well with their white outfits and the white lightings, and it showed that Infinite’s 7 members’ harmony evolved even more.

4. Cover Girl 

The stage was harmonious with a lively dance matched the sweet lyrics and surprising fanservice by taking the fans’ handphones and taking selcas! The live song got released and also received a lot of support from the fans. The ones who got their mobile phones chosen were so happy. ‘Cover Girl’ is different from the 3 others songs, for it got specially edited and released as a live music video.


Infinite’s main tracklist

1. Paradise – Paradise (1st album’s special repackage)

2. Can U Smile (Broadcasting ver.) – Can U Smile

3. Be Mine – 1st album Over The Top

4. Tic Toc – 1st album Over The Top

5. Nothing’s Over – INSPIRIT

6. BTD (Before The Dawn) – Evolution

7. 마음으로… (Voice Of My Heart) – Evolution

8. Come Back Again – First Invasion

9. Cover Girl (Live ver.) – Second Invasion

10. White Confession (Lately) – White Confession (Lately)


*You can watch the videos they’re talking about here

CREDITS: Naver (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)


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