{NEWS} 120321 – Infinite, Revealing Their New Song For the First Time at Their Encore Concert, ‘Full Anticipation’

Popular boy group, Infinite, will be revealing their new song at their encore concert.

Infinite will be revealing one of the new songs off their album, which is to be released in May, during their encore concert at Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, ‘Second Invasion- Evolution’ on April 1st. They, who sold out their solo concert 4 times in a row in Korea and Japan as well, decided to reveal a new song at their concert in order to repay the fans’ support.

At this performance, the Infinite members will show their own stages where they make a 180 degree change. First, they plan to reveal their new song that has been hidden behind a veil, and have it personally accompanied by the leader, Sunggyu. The members revealed their strong hopes by saying, “We’re practicing with the mindset that this isn’t an encore concert but as if it was our first concert.”

Also, they’ll be strengthening any parts they felt were lacking during their first solo concert in February and plan to create a more amazing show at a large performance hall.

Their company showed confidence as they expressed, “As an upgraded version of the last performance, this encore performance has been filled with various components. Also, it will become the best performance for the members and fans to breathe as close as they can together and be together.”

Meanwhile, Infinite will be opening their encore concert on April 1st at Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena.

CREDITS: The Star (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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