{NEWS} 120326 – Infinite’s Sweet Wake Up Call ‘You Probably Won’t Wake Up Because You Want to Hear Their Voices’

Infinite is making fans’ ears attentive through their sweet morning call.

On March 26th, Samsung Galaxy Player revealed a wake up call with the voices of trend-dol, Infinite.

As part of the culture marketing to match with their target audience of teens, the wake up call released this time around, was created with Infinite’s voices that are filled with individuality.

The 7 tones released on the 26th have the Infinite members saying, “Have a good day today as well, because you’re my first”. You can feel the different charms and personalities of the 7 members from L, who whispers it in a sweet voice to the cute youngest, Sungjong.

Netizens who heard the tone showed hot responses like, “I think it will continue on the stronghold of Sung Sikyung’s ‘Sleep well~’ comment”, “I won’t be late, thanks to Infinite”, “I’m happy to be able to wake up to a different member’s voice everyday for a week”.

Meanwhile, Infinite’s wake up calls can be downloaded for free off Samsung Galaxy Player’s Microsite and mobile page.

CREDITS: Nate (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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