{NEWS} 121107 – Infinite’s Sunggyu, the release date of the solo album is still ‘undecided’

(T/N: Two articles were compiled)

The fans’ curiosity about the release date of Infinite’s leader Kim Sunggyu’s solo album is rising.

On the 7th, before releasing his solo debut album ‘Another Me’, Kim Sunggyu released ‘Shine’, a song of the album. But the exact release date of the album and the promotion period isn’t mentionned, arousing the curiosity of the fans.

The representants of the company Woollim Entertainment said about it to OBS Plus “We’re still discussing about when we’ll release the album and of course, there is concretely no precise promotion time decided either”.

The song released ‘Shine’ is gaining attention as Nell’s leader, Kim Jongwan, participated in the lyrics, the composition and the arrangement, it’s seeking for a hybrid music genre, it’s a charming song mixing several musical elements.

When Infinite first debuted, Kim Sunggyu openly said that his musical roots where Nell, Kim Jongwan is more than a mentor to Kim Sunggyu so Kim Jongwan gave Kim Sunggy ‘Shine’ as a present for his solo album.

The company Woollim Entertainment said about the situation then “When Kim Jongwan first said that he was going to give him a song, Sunggyu was so happy he couldn’t believe it” and “Because of that, Sunggyu was more nervous than ever during the recording and did his best to learn a lot”.

EDIT: Kim Sunggyu who released the song ‘Shine’ is going to release his mini-album this month and is planning to go full speed toward the promotions

CREDITS: OBS Plus, Star n News, Sports Korea (Sources), Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)


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